Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation MOD APK v1.1.44

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Diamonds
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Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation APK (Unlimited Money, Diamonds) is a simulation game that helps you have moments of relaxation. Do you think you will become rich when you join this game? Making money is easy, by watching the balls fall. can you believe? But in Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation it is possible.

Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation MOD APK

Details of Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation

Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation is probably the idlest game I’ve ever experienced. The game was developed by a San Francisco team called Kongregate. The publisher is famous for interesting games like Animation Throwdown, Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre, Run … These games have a common feature that they are designed in a simple, but extremely attractive way player. They’re easy to get us addicted, so I’m sure you’ll want to download it to your phone.


Rest assured that the gameplay is extremely simple. Previously, these style games often had a drop mechanism that would have points deducted or end screens. But with this game, falling down is entirely beneficial. It helps players earn a lot of money. However, you will not have time to delve into the way the ball falls. It fell completely free and was stirred up by the propeller. When falling down is also when you earn income for yourself.

You can also click on the ball to let it explode. While this will make you money, it’s not as useful as letting the ball fall. Because when you wait for the ball to fall and break, the more money you collect, the more you can break it. The more the ball falls down, the more money is collected.

Use the money to upgrade balls and unlock more different colored balls. Balls with different colors, corresponding to different values. The higher the level the balls are, the more money they fall down. But expensive balls are often longer than cheap ones. Soon, you will become a billionaire.

Sometimes there will be strange balls falling. It could be a coin ball or a star balloon. These balls often give you huge amounts of money when clicking on them.


Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation

In terms of graphics, there’s not much to say about this game. Graphics in Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation is designed in 2D, with many interesting effects when the ball explodes. The designer brought a lot of mixed colors into the game. It makes the game more eye-catching when playing. Sounds quite harmonious. Bring interesting background music with the sound of breaking when a ball falls.

Ready to download Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation

Currently, the game is being released for free on all app stores. You can download it via our link below. And if you are a fan of simulation games, try to Merge more – American Dream. This is also a game that makes you become a billionaire quickly.

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