Wobble Man MOD APK 1.0.19 (01) (Unlimited Money)

Version1.0.19 (01)
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to break into a house that has a lot of guards on it? Probably very risky right? You will be arrested at any time. But if you like puzzle games with risky elements, you can come to Wobble Man MOD APK. Every action in the game will make you not be able to neglect even a second.

Introducing Wobble Man

Wobble Man MOD APK

Wobble Man is a gentle puzzle game released by CacaCat. The game attracts players by a simple control mechanism along with beautiful 3D graphics. With a puzzle game, players need to pass through the doors to escape the house with tight security. If you are a fan of this game series, you will definitely know Save The Girl. If you do not know you can read it here. And it is also a puzzle game with a very interesting storyline. Now, let’s see what is interesting about Wobble Man.


The gameplay of Wobble Man is very simple, players can control their characters moving by gliding their hands on the touch screen. You can better understand the controls of the Wobble Man through the video above. Break into the building and complete the missions given by the game. Another very important thing that you must do is not to face the security guards. Hacking into a building is a very dangerous thing. Buildings often have tight security systems. They are equipped with multiple electric or laser doors. If you step through an unopened electric door, it is easy to die. Be careful and find a way to turn them off before crossing.

Moreover, you need to collect the keys to be able to unlock the exit door. The discovery of the home is very interesting but it is also very dangerous. If you are an adventurous person, I am sure you will like this game.


By breaking into a building, you can also discover new things. But above all, all you need to do is steal the money in the building. Find a place hide the room’s money and quietly take it out of the guards. By using money, you can unlock different characters. Along with the various motion effects, players can unlock them through a number of missions or simply watch ads.

These ads may be annoying during gameplay. However, it also gives you a huge amount of bonus if you complete the task. Or you can turn it off by spending money to turn off the ads that appear.

Not only that, but you can also use weapons to take out the guards of the building. Pick up the guns so they can be used when needed. By exploring the game, you will be able to unlock more different weapons, you will have the opportunity to escape the building easily.


The graphics of the game are designed in 3D. You will be breaking into many buildings with different designs. With the use of bright tones, the game gives players an eye-catching image. Help players feel relaxed when looking at the game screen. Not only that, but the audio system is also very witty. The game’s audio graphics are one of the most valuable points of a puzzle game and Wobble Man has done it.

Wobble Man MOD version

  • MOD info: Unlimited Money


Above are the assessments through his experience. With attractive gameplay and graphics, this is definitely an addictive game. There are many other interesting things I can not say all in the article. The interesting thing is waiting for you to discover, are you ready?

Ready to download Wobble Man MOD

Currently, the game is released for free on major app stores. If you are interested in the game, you can download it via the link below. Remember, the MOD version does not appear on Google Play. Select a link and click the Download button to download the MOD version of Wobble Man.

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