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Ultimate Custom Night MOD APK a familiar horror game on the PC line that has appeared on Android phones. If you’re a fan of the horror game genre, you’ve probably heard about Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) – the most successful horror game series on PC, Console. And among them, the Ultimate Custom Night was released on June 27, 2018, for PC. Not stopping there, to satisfy the wishes of gamers on mobile, recently in late April, Clickteam publisher has released UCN on mobile devices.

Introducing Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night mod

Ultimate Custom Night is an independent game of survival and adventure thriller created by Scott Cawthon and achieved great achievements on the Steam platform. If anyone has ever played Ultimate Custom Night on PC devices, nowadays Clickteam now brings them to mobile devices. For only $ 2.99, players can own this cult horror game on their devices. However, you can also download it for free by reading this article.


Ultimate Custom Night gameplay

Different from the original Five Nights at Freddy, Ultimate Custom Night allows you to choose your opponent. There are a total of 50 horror characters ready to chase you to the last rooms. Not only that, but UCN also integrates 20 different difficulty levels depending on the ability and endurance of each gamer. You can choose the easiest or hardest mode to challenge your bravery and courage.

In terms o gameplay, Ultimate Custom Night follows what Five Nights at Freddy’s did. The protagonist often faces the chase from possessed stuffed animals that look very scary. Players must monitor a number of mechanisms, such as doors, ventilation systems, and air pipes, … The game contains many intimidating situations, sudden loud sounds startling. For this reason, it quickly became the favorite horror game for many gamers.

Your task is simple: Keep an eye on security cameras, and close the door to make sure the Animatronic doesn’t enter the security room, where they will instantly kill you. You only have a limited supply of electricity to maintain the doors and the camera. Withstand until morning, and congratulations, you will receive a minimum wage under the labor law.


Ultimate Custom Night

Have you ever seen horror movies? Although it’s not that scary, the images that pop in the dark and the sound system can make you shudder. That was also assigned to a game. In Ultimate Custom Night, graphics are a key factor that makes players feel like they are entering a ghost room, but in reality, they are ugly Animatronic. The game is designed in sharp 3D, as a result of what Scott Cawthon brought on previous FNaF versions. Just by making small noises make you scared.

Ultimate Custom Night MOD version

At $ 2.99 for a horror game with great sound, the graphics aren’t hard to understand. But not everyone can be willing to spend a lot of money to experience it. With the desire of gamers across the globe, we have posted the free version of UCN for Android devices.

MOD feature

  • Unlock All: Download for free on Android devices.


Above are the reviews after our short-term experience of the UCN game. Interesting things that we have not said in the article are waiting for you to discover. Talking about the horror game line is definitely a game that deserves to be the most feared game award. Sound graphics are considered the crux of this game series. With sharp and gloomy 3D graphics and a horrible sound system, players feel goosebumps. What are you waiting for, download them on your Android device now!

Ready to download Ultimate Custom Night

Currently, Ultimate Custom Night is available on Android devices. Players can download it directly through the Google Play app store for a fee of $ 2.99. However, players can also download it for free by selecting the link below and clicking the Download button. You just need to download and experience immediately, no need to pay any fee.

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