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Tofu Girl APK (Unlimited Money) is a very fun game from the publisher Joypac. This is a very addictive game with its endless gameplay. The main character is a cute girl wearing lovely princess dresses. Skillfully jumping on the piled tofu pieces.

Jump on pieces of Tofu

Food is for human consumption, but for this princess, the family is too rich. She uses pieces of Tofu to amuse herself. Pile up the pieces of Tofu then dance on them.

Start the game when the tofu pieces start to stack up. Players will touch the screen to help the girl jump when Tofu pieces are folded. The best part about the game is that the more addictive you play it, the faster it will become. Tofu pieces will be loaded continuously until you do not have time to jump.

On the way to build the food tower, you will receive a number of points corresponding to each Tofu floor. If you drop the correct tofu to match the previous one, the points will double. The more you jump the perfect jump you will get more points. For example, 2 continuous pieces will give you 2 points. Just like that, the next 3 pieces will match, you will get 3 points, …

Along the way, you will have the opportunity to be rewarded with large packages of gold. What to do? Use this gold for the princess’s shopping. In the fashion store, there are many beautiful dresses. Use this money to buy beautiful dresses for her. If you don’t want to spend a lot of effort to save money, there’s a way for you. We have created a MOD (Unlimited Money) version to help players enjoy shopping. Open lovely outfits for your character.


Not only do you need to use the money to buy beautiful dresses, but you also need to open new pieces of Tofu. Dancing on white Tofu pieces is always boring, right? The bonus money in the game also helps players unlock more Tofu of different shapes and colors. Collect pieces of colorful tofu to avoid the boredom of playing. The more excited, the higher the jump!

Addictive for players

Tofu Girl APK is an entertaining game suitable for many different ages. The higher the jump, the bigger your score. Invite your friends to play together to compete who is the one who will dance the highest. The perfect jump can bring you double points. You can see the girl’s hand dance when perfectly arranging pieces of Tofu that fit together for a long time.

Tofu Girl

Although this is a simple game, it is extremely addictive. The higher you jump, the more you feel good and skillful. Of course, any game will sometimes lose. The game is over when the girl is pushed down by the tofu. Since then, you will have to play again from the beginning. Death will make players more frustrated. Because, you have stacked very high pieces of Tofu, won’t you be in vain if you lose? It is this gameplay that makes the player more conquer from the score, addictive for the player. It will be more interesting to surround yourself with friends playing this game!


Tofu Girl MOD

Tofu Girl possesses extremely cute graphics that attract players. The graphics of the game are designed in 2D but it feels like 3D. With bright colors, the game becomes more eye-catching. The main character in the game is designed with cute dancing actions. Therefore, you will not be disappointed at all with this addictive game.

MOD version of Tofu Girl

You will not have to waste a lot of money to unlock new costumes or Tofu. Right from the start, a large amount of money in the MOD version will not make you think about that problem. Players will be able to buy themselves beautiful costumes and unlock more Tofu of different color shapes.

Ready to download Tofu Girl MOD APK

With a simple play mechanism, I think this will be an interesting game for this summer. Tofu Girl from gameplay to graphics, the system of the game is extremely attractive and attractive. The game was launched not too long ago but it attracted a lot of players. Hurry up and join to try your best with the high scores!

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