Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK v1.5.1.842 – Endless running game

PublisherOutfit7 Limited
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Talking Tom Hero Dash APK – is an endless running game with RPG gameplay. Developed by the Outfit7 team aimed at young gamers. This action game is an addition to the original Talking Friends series of games with the same mechanism of playing Subway Surfers.

In Talking Tom Hero Dash, you play the role of a cat Tom, a heroic cat of his life committed to a dangerous city. Because here the pandas are raging, they kidnap Tom’s girlfriend. Therefore, every challenge prompted Tom to fight to save his girlfriend from the hands of the pandas, defeat them and rescue the city.


Talking Tom Hero Dash tells about Tom and his friends who have superpowers. They decided to use their powers to defeat the Raccoon gang to rescue the city, especially to help Tom and his girlfriend to get back together. Fans of Talking Friends may find that this game is a re-release of Talking Tom Gold Run game. The big difference between the two titles is that the interface has been changed a lot. Remaining mechanisms in the game remain the same: Running at a longer distance, collecting coins, hitting pandas and avoiding obstacles such as obstacles, vehicles and bottomless pits.

Mechanism of the game

As I mentioned above, the playing mechanism still retains the style of the Talking Friends series. The player plays Tom and starts the endless run. By jumping through the gates, sliding and punching down the pandas as well as fragile gates protected by the enemy. The rescue work is extremely difficult, and there will be times when the cat Tom is exhausted and collapsed by the overwhelming hostility. Talking Tom Hero Dash allows players to have 2 choices for themselves. One is to continue and consume the credits in the game, or more simply you can give up and restart the chase.

Become a superhero: Talking Tom, Talking Angela and their friends all have amazingly unique superpowers that you can use while running. Along the way, you can also collect coins for yourself, beat the pandas to get some more rewarding rewards. Repel obstacles on the road, with ingenuity to avoid bottomless vehicles and holes.

Talking Tom Hero Dash in the style of an endless running game. Like other popular games like Temple Run, Subway Suffer, Minion Rush, … each game leaves the player feeling new and not to be confused with any other product. Talking Tom Hero Dash too is designed with a separate theme along with many super cute characters and different personalities. Talking Tom, Talking Angela and their friends all have amazingly unique superpowers that you can use while running.


Talking Tom Hero Dash

Speaking of context and graphics, it is designed on a 3D platform with bright colors. It looks like animated movies about cats in the city. And so is Tom Hero Dash’s Talking game, it is shown on the modern scenery of the city with long straight paved roads, sunny and windy coastal highways but bringing the coolness of the ocean, sometimes you are like an artist who slides on the winter runways. These scenes always bring excitement and appeal to those who crave to explore. And running on those roads will be our hero, with a new design style. Tom and his friends will have to fight Raccoon Boss to save and unlock Talking Angela and Talking Hank.

Moreover, the sound system in Talking Tom Hero Dash is also extremely fond of ears. Describe running actions, collect items on the road and clash with the Raccoon. Only good graphics are not enough, mix it with the sound that can attract players right?

Talking Tom Hero Dash


Talking Tom Hero Dash is boring by the repetition of playing style in the Talking Friends series. Because, before that Talking Tom Gold Rush game was too successful in this endless running game. But not so that young gamers miss an interesting game like this. It has cute characters as well as a very vibrant world. Children and adults can be immersed in this game for hours. If you love Talking Tom Gold Run, you will also want to Talking Tom Hero Dash in your collection! Currently, the game is available on both app stores for Android and iOS. You can download it via our link below.

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