Summoners' War: Sky Arena APK

Summoners’ War: Sky Arena APK v5.2.8

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  • Publisher Com2uS
  • OS Android
  • Size 79M
  • Version 5.2.8
  • MOD Features No
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Summoners’ War: Sky Arena APK is an RPG game with beautiful 3D graphics released by Korean game company – Com2uS. Since its launch, the game has achieved many great achievements, ranking TOP 10 on the Android & iOS app store.

Summoners' War: Sky Arena

About Summoners’ War: Sky Arena

Com2uS is a Korean online and mobile game development/publishing company founded in 1998. Com2uS develops games for Android, iOS and other platforms. The company’s corporate offices are located in the United States, South Korea, Japan, and China.

At the Electronic Entertainment Exhibition on June 12, 2014, the game was announced and released for mobile devices. With 150 million downloads worldwide and an income of $ 1.35 billion.


Summoners’ War: Sky Arena APK is set in a fantasy world with the presence of magic covering the whole place. But all still stand on Mana – a crystal containing superpowers. It is said that it will give owners a golden opportunity to take over. Because of this reputation, it has created wars that last for hundreds of years

In the past, the great wars on magic mana crystals have left havoc all over the world. And so a new rule was applied. From here, proxy wars will determine everything in the Summoner Arena. If winning, players will be given whatever they want.

You are one of the title Summoners, have the power to summon monsters. Ellia will be the one to help you get through the basics. Unfortunately, something evil will soon appear and the summoning council has sent you to investigate …


Players will participate in a Sky Arena arena with over 400 types of monsters in hand. In particular, in the Summoners War: Sky Arena, players can confront individually or play as a team.

The turn-based role-playing style gives players the opportunity to tame beasts, supernatural creatures to express themselves on the battlefield. From the beginning, you will have a private headquarters with auxiliary facilities to summon, upgrade monsters and collect resources. This is where you will spend most of your time interacting and calculating how to develop yourself to the highest level of strength.

Players will command their monsters to sequentially execute moves on the enemy team to win. However, things are not so simple because Summoners War: Sky Arena also possesses a water/fire/wind attribute system as well as light/darkness, requiring the player to choose an attack target, indicate plain commands.

Besides, each respective creature that the gamer owns in hand will remember two main skills. The number of times of damage, multiple movements, resuscitation, and support of teammates in an emergency are also spread in various forms.

In addition, all creatures owned by players also have their own development path, level up through the process of gaining experience points and increasing power thanks to the huge amount of magic stones.

Combining all of the above, we have in hand a product that achieves both quality and quantity, while helping players invest in energy, feel attractive and motivated to dive deeper into Summoners. War: Sky Arena.


Summoners’ War: Sky Arena allows the community of players to compete in the common arena. Here, the game gives you the option to add a monster squad. Help increase combat time as well as more diverse and deeper tactical options.

With the ranking system, the gaming community will also be able to constantly test themselves against countless high-ranking opponents. Thereby making Summoners’ War: Sky Arena a product for making pleased people who love RPG games.


At first glance, Summoners’ War: Sky Arena gave players a beautiful picture combining bold cartoon style with art and countless modern 3D sharp effects.

In addition, the developer also showed his investment by bringing many different biological and interesting models, helping players eliminate the boredom of experience.

The sound array is equally important when there are fun tunes, interspersed with the atmosphere of the battlefield. Giving the game a really comfortable space for the player community.

Ready to download Summoners’ War: Sky Arena APK

Undeniably, Summoners’ War: Sky Arena APK is an excellent role-playing game. You will be immersed in the world of the shaman character and join them to kill monsters. Not to mention beautiful 3D graphics, a lot of players must be fascinated. Such a perfect product will surely bring you countless hours of quality entertainment.


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