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SoundCloud APK (MOD, Premium) is the world’s largest audio music streaming platform that allows users to upload, record, promote, and share music.

Introducing SoundCloud APK

What is SoundCloud ?

SoundCloud APK is an online platform that specializes in music and audio. Officially put into operation since 2008. SoundCloud serves many people, with many different purposes. Some will use it to store music and sound; others see this as a great place to upload and broadcast podcasts; In addition, SoundCloud also acts as a place where musicians can connect directly with fans and listen to their ideas about the songs that they have just uploaded.


Like other music streaming services, SoundCloud is available on almost every platform, iOS (free, you can download from AppStore), Android (free, you can download from PlayStore), Windows, browser (, Xbox (free, you can download it from the Xbox App Store) and Sonos. Just a common account, no matter where you listen to, your playlist will always be up to date. Apple Music and Spotify and many other services also meet this, so it is not too special. But still, need to mention because this is indispensable on any music application. SoundCloud is more of a social network of music than Apple Music, Spotify. Because it has many points that encourage users to create their own content or share content with friends.

Information for you: Looking ahead, SoundCloud will also support the Google Home platform.

Based on user preferences

This is rare in a free service. Spotify is expensive but still used by many people, simply because it has the ability to create playlists to suit the taste of the listener while suggesting other songs very smart. Just like when you go to the market, you have to choose your favorite shirt, and when going to famous shops, there will be staff to help you. At this point, SoundCloud is also doing very well.

Every time you listen to music, you will listen to online from the favorite playlist. If you listen to a lot of songs, the app will auto remember them, and then the app will automatically create similar albums for you. Playlist created, personally I find it suits my “taste” up to 80%. Even after listening to the playlist, if you still listen, it will automatically add the same song without you manually adjusting. This is the point that I like so much that I have to write this article to share with everyone. Note that this is only a free service.

The largest sound archive

This can be considered as the largest audio archive in the world at the present time. With over 200 million records and a global community of more than 20 million artists from around the world. SoundCloud is a bit like YouTube in that people can download their audio content. And when it is public, everyone else can find and listen to the content for free and without copyright. Amateur musicians often put their music on SoundCloud to start their careers. Podcast broadcasters often share their shows on SoundCloud, making the community even stronger. Famous artists also upload projects or experiments related to their sound regularly.

Share the sound

One thing that is easy to notice is that the songs and sounds on SoundCloud are often uploaded by users. Of course, except for famous artists, ordinary users can also completely upload their own sound. This is an audio creation community that allows users to freely upload their content.

Share a little more about music quality. The quality of this service can be said to be uneven, of course still okay. The songs that Apple and Soundcloud have together are not too different in quality (except for self-recorded songs). Obviously, with simple music streaming application, it does not need to be too high quality as the Audiophile

Premium version

SoundCloud is basically a free service for all listeners and content creators. Everyone can listen and upload music tracks without any cost. But it also provides “premium” features that, if you want to use, you have to spend a little extra cost. With the Premium version, you can access every music on SoundCloud, from the next biggest hits in music. With offline listening, you can save your favorite music and use it anytime. Not only that, but this version also allows listening to music without advertising.

SoundCloud Go

  • It allows users to save audio for offline use.
  • It contains no ads while listening.
  • Support for millions of creators who are starting and developing careers on SoundCloud.
  • Free 30-day trial, then $ 5.99 / month.

SoundCloud Go+

  • It allows users to save audio for offline use.
  • Access full catalog, no previews.
  • It contains no ads while listening.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Support for millions of creators who are starting and developing careers on SoundCloud.
  • Free 30-day trial, then $ 9.99 / month.

MOD version of SoundCloud APK

Understand the desire of many users for an upgraded version of this music player. We have made it so that you can enjoy free Premium privileges, including:

MOD feature

  • It allows users to save audio for offline use.
  • Unlocked SoundCloud Connect
  • Listen to 320kbps high-quality music
  • Listen to any song you want
  • Block ads
  • The MOD version does not support downloading high-quality music


Above are my share of the SoundCloud APK application. I see friends around me using this service quite rarely so I sometimes wonder why such good service was abandoned. How about you? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

Ready to download SoundCloud APK

Currently, SoundCloud APK is being released for free across the entire app store. You can download it via the Google Play app or if you like the MOD version, you can also download it via the link below. Have a good time!

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