Slap Kings MOD APK v1.2.0 (Unlimited money)

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, No Ads
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Use the strongest force to slap your opponent the way you want in Slap Kings APK (Unlimited money). A cult game developed by Lion Studios has brought laughter to millions of players. Join the Slap Kings to slap opponents for the most powerful way.

Slap Kings APK (Unlimited money)

Introducing Slap Kings

Participating in a duel between two people who are extremely angry about something. Use your strength in your hands to release all that anger on the opponent’s face. Although this is a violent game, on the contrary, it gives players funny moments of entertainment. Why is that? Because when you see your opponent’s face, you will laugh and think “Why is it so ugly?”.

Slap Kings is set in a battle between two people. I’ve seen wrestling before, the one who got touched by the table first is the loser. But there’s an even more interesting game, slapping each other’s faces to see who can endure to the end. It’s crazy, but it’s an effective way to get angry at something.

Slap competition?

Yes, this is a slap competition. The person who slaps the strongest and kills the opponent as quickly as possible is the winner. The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to use the force, the character will attack according to the force you base. It will not be a sandbag or plank, but the face of an opponent participating in the competition. You only need to force your hand to slap. When the bar is in the blue area, it means that your slap reaches its maximum capacity.

In this duel, the participants are all healthy people. Health indicators are calculated by a green index bar. This index varies with the athlete. When slapped, this health points will decrease. If you place enough force on the centerline of the force bar, you will be able to defeat the opponent in one strike. The person with the previous zero indexes will fail. And you don’t want to fail, do you?

After each match, instead of receiving the championship cup, the player will be rewarded with a gold amount. Used for what? Not to celebrate. Your main job is to use upgrade coins for your character. There are two values ​​you need to pay attention to slap and health. The higher your health is, the higher your stamina is. And accordingly, when you have great health, you can give more painful slaps to the opponent.

Become the Slap Kings

All the stats you upgrade are for the fastest way to take down the enemy. The game will have over 100 different levels. In each game level, you will meet only once that opponent. Use your best, giving a real slap to the opponent’s face. One very interesting thing is that when you take action, the opponent’s face is beaten with a slap. The expression of the person being slapped because it became very funny. Give us smiles after stressful working hours. Or simply, that’s the method to get a little angry.

After the game, the winner will become the king of slaps. This will be the final destination that each player wants. Right now, train your health to be ready to join Slap Kings.


Slap Kings has 3D designs with extremely lovely and funny frames. The scene of the competition revolves around different arenas. Maybe in a big gym with thousands of cheers. Or maybe in a school gym. It could also be a big neighborhood, … Funny details designed by the developer such as acrobatics, jumping from the top, slapping the opponent flying off the ring. Along with that, the sound system is extremely interesting that makes us laugh.

MOD version of Slap Kings

You will take a lot of time to get a large amount of money yourself. But using it to upgrade characters is very fast. The solution for you is to use our MOD version.


  • Unlimited Money: With the unlimited amount of available, you can easily upgrade the index for your character.
  • No Ads: Play games more fun, slap pain more when not bothered by ads pop up constantly.


Perhaps this is a highly entertaining game. Serve stressful moments at work and study. Currently, the game is being released for free on the app store. But the infinite gold MOD version is only here. Download it via the link below.

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