Sharpen Blade MOD APK v1.17.0 (Unlimited Money)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Zplay
  • OS Android
  • Size 24M
  • Version 1.17.0
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Sharpen Blade APK (Unlimited Money) is probably a true game with its entertaining nature. Create your own sword, or maybe your own key, shovel. Then try its sharpness on objects, food …

Sharpen Blade

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Summary Zplay publisher

Thanks to the Idle Digging Tycoon game helped players know the Zplay publisher more. The total Zplay mobile app revenue in February 2020 is $ 60,000, including $ 40,000 for iOS apps and $ 20,000 for Android apps. Zplay has a total of 226 apps, including 131 iOS apps and 95 Android apps.

Recently the publisher also announced a series of new applications. Among them, I like the game Sharpen Blade APK. With the gameplay is quite simple, just cleverly using your hands on the screen, very addictive for players. Its entertaining nature has attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators, including oneself.

About Sharpen Blade

When I was young, I had a hobby of making full-form wooden swords. Using it to fight a mock battle with the children of the neighbors felt very powerful and majestic. Back then smartphones were not as popular as they are today. But now, holding the phone, I was able to create sharp swords for myself. Sharpen Blade APK is a simulation game that allows me to create sharp tools such as swords, swords, shovels, even the key to open the money chest.

Become a blacksmith

Sharpen Blade

In the game Sharpen Blade, you will play as a blacksmith. First, you start the game by making a device that the game requires. As the name implies, all you need to do is create sharp blades, swords, shovels, or keys. Bring ingenuity and creativity to the game.

The only tool you have is a grinder and a piece of metal. How does that piece of metal create the model that the game proposes? First, you need to shape the wood using a sharpening stone in the highlighted shape. You will skillfully carry out each stage of production. Finally, the work is sharpened so that the object is sharp. You will check the power of the blade right after creating it with some food or castle or some other item.

Common items

Only with skillful hands, you can become a true blacksmith. The game does not require high difficulty but also be very careful with the grinding machine. Just a little sketch, the shape of the metal is not as expected. In each level, the task is to create a certain blade that will be given to you. Use your hands to glide across the screen, slowly and skillfully to create rudimentary tools. Then sharpen them well enough to cut off all food.

APK Sharpen Blade allows you to create a variety of weapons of different shapes. Or just the everyday tools we see as keys, knives, even earth shovels, axes … The system of tools in the game is very diverse, allowing you to create objects. Use sharp then use them to cut food. It sounds a little funny, right? You can unlock more by playing more and filling in your mysterious gift icon.


Sharpen Blade

Your collection will increase gradually after fulfilling the requirements set by each game level. Each level has its own difficulty level and you’ll start with the easiest designs until you get to the most complex levels. However, one thing that will motivate you to feel more excited when you meet the game requirements is the reward and bonus. Right! After successfully passing a level, you will be rewarded with money based on your output as well as some rewards. You can then use this money to upgrade and unlock newer items. Pretty cool, right?


Regarding graphics, Sharpen Blade is designed quite simply. The only two objects are the cutter and the metal rod. However, also frees up your patent. The game is modeled to create widgets, quite simple and rudimentary. You can look through the photos in the article. Sharpen Blade is optimally designed with mobile and tablet platforms. The game has a new easy-to-understand guide system, so don’t worry about the controls.

The sound is also very interesting. The game simulates the actual grinding of a metal rod. When you put the metal bar on the grinding blade, the phone vibrates along with the sound it sounds like it actually is. This makes the game stand out from other simulation games.

Sharpen Blade MOD feature

Unlimited Money: To create more swords for you, you need a lot of money. With our MOD version, you no longer have to worry about money. It can solve all your financial problems.

Ready to download Sharpen Blade MOD APK

In my opinion, Sharpen Blade is a very good game in the modern era. It helps increase the creativity for the player, as well as the ingenuity that the game requires. Moreover, the game is completely free on both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download Sharpen Blade APK (Unlimited Money) to your phone via the link below.


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