Shadow Fight 3 v1.20.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Nekki
  • OS Android
  • Size 109M
  • Version 1.20.3
  • MOD Features Money/ Frozen Enemy
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You can download the Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK now to join the epic battle. The world of darkness stands at the edge of an epic war. Win duels. Defy other players’ characters controlled by AI, take a place at the TOP-100 leaderboard of your region and become a fight star! This is a completely new upgraded version of the publisher, let’s see what’s new.

About the shadow fight 3

Shadow fight 3 Mod apk

Shadow Fight 3 is the most successful game in the series of Shadow Fight series of publisher Nekki. This is an attractive fighting game for all ages players. Please do not miss a moment because this is a very attractive game.


Three charismatic fighters invite you to join their cause. Three different ways of living and fighting. They will determine the world’s fate for many years to come. Which side you’re on?

Take a dive into the world of infinite combat and exciting action! Shadow Fight 3 is free to play and 100% user friendly. Start your adventure right now, warrior!

You are no longer a shadow

In this version, you are no longer a shadow like in Shadow Fight 2. Instead, you are transformed into an epic hero character, appearing brave hero. The victory makes him arrogant and violates the strict law of the samurai that is breaking the seal of Gate of Shadows. That is where the most dangerous enemies of the world are imprisoned.


shadow fight 3 mod

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting and fighting game. Players will transform into a hero character. It is an arrogant person who dedicated his youth to find a worthy opponent. Your very simple task is to participate in a duel, use the control keys to move, attack and avoid attacks from the enemy. Another important thing is that you have to combine your skills to create beautiful combos that cause greater damage to the enemy.

You can use weapons purchased in the store. Be very careful because the opponent may dislodge the weapon when out of your hand. If the weapon is slipped from your hand, you will fight until the end of the game with your own hands.

Common function control keys are as follows: Use hands, use feet, use weapons. Along with that is the multi-directional control key on the left-hand side of the screen that helps you move or jump up at will.

Weapon system

Shadow fight 3 for android

The weapon system in Shadow Fight 3 is very rich. Giving players more choices with dozens of different weapon models. Along with that, the game also brings many new costumes designed entirely new than previous versions. There will be no more boredom for players from now on.


Graphically, you can clearly see in the avatar. This time, Shadow Fight 3 has been released by Nekki publisher in a completely new form. With beautiful 3D design as if blowing soul into the game. It is no longer the familiar darkness we have ever seen, instead of the appearance of very handsome heroic characters. Hold a weapon in your hand to find enemies around the world. Do you find the game looks more appealing?

MOD feature

If you spend too much time playing games and receive not too many coins. So right now, we will show you how to solve that simple problem.

Now, I will reveal the new features in shadow fight 3 MOD APK version:

In the MOD version, we bring you unlimited money and gems. Help players play can bring yourself any item. The most advanced weapons in the store pay a considerable amount of money. Now that worry no longer exists, you can own any item. Wearing a beautiful armour and a good sword will surely overwhelm the enemy.

In Shadow Fight 3 MOD, you can freeze enemies. You need to enable this feature in the MOD Menu. Then, when the enemy jumps up, you have to attack, at this point, your enemy will be frozen.

Note that when you jump and the enemy attacks you, you will be frozen.

Shadow Fight 3 is ready for you to download

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game released by Nekki. If downloading Shadow Fight 3 MOD you will have an unlimited amount of Coins/Gems. In fact, there are still specific numbers, but even if you buy all the items, it is not possible to spend all those assets. In this MOD version, using money is harder than overcoming your opponent, download Shadow Fight 3 APK to your phone right now.

How to install

  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. “com.nekki.shadowfight3” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.


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