Royal Crown MOD APK 1.0.4 (Unlimited Diamond, Gold)

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At the moment, Battle royale titles are storming the mobile gaming community. Recently, LINE Games publisher has followed that trend with many new variations. The Royal Crown game (Unlimited Diamond, Gold) brings a modern direction when mixed with two factors that attract the most mobile gamers. A Moba game mixed with survival, struggling to become the last survivor like in Fortnite.

Introducing Royal Crown

Perhaps you will be hard to come across a game with such a play. As mentioned above, Royal Crown MOD APK is a unique game mixed between two elements of the MOBA game and the survival mode of the Battle Royale games. Released by a Korean developer called LINE Games, the game is currently storming the Mobile game market. The game strongly supports cross-platform for users on both PC and Mobile. At the time of launch, the game will support two modes of play are the solo or three-person team at will.

Set in a mysterious universe that mixes magic and technology. The Royal Crown game offers the best views of a mobile game. The gentle tones, beautiful chibi shapes, vivid sound make the game different from other survival MOBA games of the same genre that have been launched before. Accordingly the game Royal Crown will allow you to participate in a battle of survival with a total of 60 players on a large map. Just like the survival game, to be the winner, you have to be the last survivor.


The Royal Crown game will be the perfect combination between the role-playing game survival Battle Royale and fighting games MOBA is prevalent worldwide. There are 15 character classes for players to choose after parachuting to the ground divided into witches, gladiators, assistants, … Players need to pay attention to choose the most suitable character in squad mode, to have a Good combination together win.

Although focusing primarily on MOBA gameplay, but the Royal Crown game still has an immersive Battle Royale element. Players can hunt monsters to get equipment to collect materials to increases the HP regeneration for the character, cut trees to create weapons, … Generally speaking, when entering the game, there are countless exciting activities for you to explore, increase your chances of survival in the final round.

Game mode

Like other survival games, Royal Crown allows players to participate in three different game modes. Familiar game modes are listed as Squad, Solo, Training. Here we would like to talk more about these three game modes.

  • Squad: You will not have to fight alone but instead can team up to 3 players to play. The game will randomly select teams or you can invite your friends to join.
  • Solo: You will have to fight alone with the remaining 59 players. Of course, other players would also fight alone without teams.
  • Training: Training mode allows you to participate in the training environment without the appearance of other players.

Diverse characters and items

Royal Crown MOD APKcola

The system of characters is extremely diverse, with which each character will have different special skills. Moreover, players can also unlock more new skins for their characters like MOBA games. By exploring the vast map of the game, you will have the opportunity to unlock more useful items. If you don’t want to wait long, you can also unlock those items using Diamond. However, Diamond in the game is not much, players can use cash to exchange for Diamond in the game.


The interface of the Royal Crown MOD is beautifully designed, intuitive, and easy to understand. Set in a mysterious universe that combines art and technology, the Royal Crown offers the best landscapes in the form of beautiful cute chibi graphics. The gently chattering tones make Royale Crown different from other games of the same type. Moreover, the skill effects are also beautifully designed by exciting battle mixes. The sound system is also an important factor in helping the game gain appeal to global gamers.

Royal Crown MOD version

To meet the needs of unlocking in-game items, we have created a MOD version to serve the players. In the game, to get Diamond, players need to spend a small amount of money. But with the MOD version that we bring will satisfy the audience.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Diamond, Gold: Allow players to use unlimited Diamond, Gold.


Above are the assessments after our experience. This can be said to be a really good and attractive MOBA Battle Royale game. Moreover, it is compatible with many different operating systems and is suitable for low-profile phones. While not a new topic, LINE Games already knows how to make the application more unique than its competitors. If you are a lover of the MOBA game series with a survival factor, surely Royal Crown is for you.

Ready to download the Royal Crown

Currently, the game is being released for free on many major app stores. You can download it by visiting the Google Play app store on Android devices. However, the MOD version will only be released on our website. To install, delete the version you downloaded earlier and select a link below to be able to download. If you find the article interesting and helpful, do not forget to leave a 5-star rating, wish you have fun playing the game!

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