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Rage Road MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an exciting adventure action game on Android devices. If you are a fan of racing games but with action elements, this is probably a reasonable choice. Highly entertaining, Rage Road will help you relieve stress after tiring working hours.

Introducing Rage Road

You’re not as good at sniping as in the game Hitman Sniper 2? But I am sure that you will use a sniper rifle proficient in Rage Road. This is an action game that attacks enemies that chase you on cars. Use guns to shoot down them as quickly as possible to win. Developed by SayGames, the game is currently loved by many gamers.


As we mentioned, the main objective of the player is to shoot down those who are trying to chase him. Try to take down the bald bad guys with a gun. Over the course of the game, you will recognize a few ways to easily destroy opponents. All you need to do is identify the target and shoot them in the head so they can lose control and overturn. If they refuse to poke their heads out of the car, you can also shoot the wheel of the platform, causing the car to lose its balance and flip. By knocking out the cars in front of you first, the cars behind will hit and also explode.

By destroying all enemies, shooting down vehicles will become the winner. However, the term is also very careful because the enemy forces are very crowded. If you do not defeat them first, most likely, they will come and shoot you down. After completing the mission, the player will be rewarded with a worthy amount. Use your money to upgrade vehicles and unlock more new skins. You can upgrade every detail of a vehicle such as car color, wheels, lights, or hood, … Moreover, you can also unlock and change the appearance, clothes for your character.


Graphics are a valuable point that helps players relax when looking at it. Design under 3D graphics background with vivid images. Using mainstream bright colors, this is also an advantage that helps the game increasingly attract more participants to the task. Moreover, the audio system is also extremely interesting to help players more excited to participate.

MOD version of Rage Road

In order to serve those who love the MOD version, we created the Rage Road MOD (Unlimited Money) version. It allows players to use the money to unlock the skin in a simple way.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money


Above are the assessments after our experience. You can also participate in Rage Road MOD (Unlimited Money) and discover many new things. Such as unlocking yourself and advanced weapons. With simple gameplay mechanics and beautiful graphics, this will definitely be an addictive game for players.

Ready to download Rage Road

Currently, the game is being released for free on major app stores. However, the MOD version will not appear on Google Play. Players who want to use the MOD version first delete the original version installed on the machine, then select a link below and click the Download button.

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