PUBG Mobile Lite v0.16.0 APK – Low profile support

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  • Publisher Tencent
  • OS Android
  • Size 462Mb
  • Version 0.16.0
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PUBG Mobile Lite APK is probably the best solution for low-profile phones. The features remain the same from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a multiplayer online video game by Tencent (PUBG Corporation), a subsidiary of Bluehole, a game development company based in Seoul, South Korea design, development and release.

Pubg lite

About PUBG Mobile Lite

The reduction in capacity from the original version is the reason why PUBG Mobile Lite APK is extremely welcome. Although PUBG Mobile Lite is only available in certain regions since its launch earlier this year, the game is still receiving a lot of attention and updating content constantly. PUBG Mobile Lite (APK) was officially updated to version 0.16.0 on August 29 with lots of interesting content.

PUBG Mobile Lite APK for low profile devices

You want to download PUBG Mobile Lite quickly, we recommend that you download the APK file under the link of APK Cola, we will put below the article. As usual, you will immediately go to Google plays to download the application, right? But it will take quite a while to download and install. And using a low profile device is even worse, so it’s best to save an APK version that can always be saved and reinstalled from the file manager. The PUBG Mobile Lite version will be easier to download and install if you have already saved our APK file. You can also learn about Fortnite if you want a different style of survival.

Dominate the user

When PUBG Mobile Lite first came out, the game quickly climbed up the charts to become one of the most popular games in the region. In just a few weeks since its launch, PUBG Mobile Lite has affirmed its number one position among the free download games on Google Play in many regions including Turkey, India, … The good news is that PUBG Mobile Lite will be coming to new areas this month.

Features and improvements similar to PUBG Mobile

  • Add enemies tracking feature
PUBG mobile lite apk

Players will now be able to track (Spectate) the enemies who have killed themselves for the rest of the match. This feature allows gamers to learn from their enemies to have a better combat direction (if you want to watch). In more detail, when you “on the board” will be able to click immediately track enemies in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Add M762 gun

The M762 is an AR gun that is considered to be the top powerful game in the game right now. Although there is less damage per bullet than other AR2 firing 7.62mm guns, with a high frequency of firing, the total damage to the enemy of Beryl is superior when calculated in a certain period of time.

Beryl M672, however, has a higher recoil and is less stable than other guns, making it necessary to control it. But not so that we have no way to resolve this problem.

  • Optimize the interactive interface
PUBG mobile lite apk
  • Add an x8 viewfinder to the hearing box

A position that will definitely appear 100% Scope X8 is “Hearing”. Yes, because Scope X8 only appears most often in AirDrop later in the match. Now, PUBG Mobile Lite has inherited this in version 0.16.0

  • Add the Red Zone area

The Red Zone is a small area that is randomly selected and bombed repeatedly. If you get hit by a direct hit the bomb will be removed immediately from the game. But due to the relatively small occurrence rate, some people think it is an unnecessary addition to the game and should be removed. But now even PUBG Mobile Lite updates this circle in version 0.16.0.

  • Add new Avatar
PUBG mobile lite apk
  • Interface image and rewards similar to PUBG Mobile
PUBG mobile lite apk


Pubg mobile lite apk

The comparison between the official PUBG Mobile and the Lite version is quite clear. Graphics are also an easy identifier if anyone has played through the official PUBG Mobile version. Through experience and reviews, we found that PUBG Mobile Lite has quite low graphics if not bad. For example, trees, bushes, are designed quite rough and have many angles, not really detailed. Although using Unreal Engine 4 technology but the weather effects are not clear. Because the publisher is also targeting low profile users, of course, the screen can not be sharp. Besides, houses and trees are sparse compared to the traditional version. However, the sound of the game is very good quality, as well as the official PUBG version, you can also hear the sound of bullets flying left or right. Explosive noises or other sounds have not changed. Remaining features talk through mic indispensable on survival games.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite (APK) for Android

The above list is only preliminary statistics of the highlights, quick assessments that APK Cola can send to you. To create curiosity, readers can download and experience the detailed version of PUBG Mobile Lite APK v0.16.0 on all Android devices to evaluate other optimizations.


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