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If your childhood is associated with the good memories of playing NERF guns with children near your house, then perhaps hiding and shooting each other is ingrained in your blood. While top-notch shooters such as Fortnite and PUBG are attracting a lot of gamers, the advent of NERF Epic Pranks! MOD (Unlimited Money) has brought a very welcome new wind. Hide and make fun of your loved ones with the NERF gun, relax and immerse yourself in the action that the game brings.

Introducing NERF Epic Pranks!

NERF Epic Pranks! MOD

NERF Epic Pranks! MOD is an entertaining action game for all ages. It’s rare to see a shooting game that feels so exciting like in NERF Epic Pranks!. Every exciting action in the game makes you feel like returning to your childhood. Released by HOMA Games, this game is slowly attracting all ages around the globe. Just launched, there were more than 5 million installs on the Google Play app store.


NERF Epic Pranks! There is a very simple play mechanism, just by touching on the touch screen is able to start. Participating in the game, players will be role-playing in the boy, the naughty girl uses rubber bullet guns to tease her relatives. If you are a fan of NERF guns then this game is definitely for you.

NERF Epic Pranks! MOD APK

In the game, the NERF guns have been designed by the publisher based on the most realistic. Your task is to use toy guns to shoot each other with relatives and friends by pressing the screen. But make sure everything is ready when participating in this mock battle. Because if you hide in a certain corner for the opponent to detect then you will definitely be hit. With the hide and shoot mechanism, players need to skillfully shoot the enemy when they are not paying attention. Are you sure you will shoot down the enemy before they see you?

Although it is an action game, the game also blends in with the puzzle element. Players need to shoot a certain number of bullets at the opponent to be able to win. The difficulty level of the game will increase gradually, so you need to be skillful in handling the irony when the opponent also uses a gun to respond to you. The game is quite interesting and easy, however, if there is a control button to move it is great. Players will not have to stand still but can move like a true shooter.

Character system

NERF Epic Pranks character system! very diverse. Players can unlock battle characters by participating in the game experience. There are 3 types of characters that publishers put into the game: Common, Rare, Legendary. Players can own by watching ads or Unlock Random with 300 gold per turn for Common and 500 gold per turn for Rare. As for Legendary, in order to unlock these characters, players need to see 3 times the promotional video to be able to unlock them. In short, the system of characters in the game is very diverse, bringing exciting experiences to the player.

Weapon diversity

Over some levels, the player will gradually be unlocked more different NERF guns. Do you love NERF guns and build an interesting collection of different guns to use? The weapon system in the game is very diverse, containing 16 different guns. All these guns are designed based on reality, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of childhood. Players can easily own them by watching ads within 30 seconds. What is more interesting to own a toy gun system like this, join now.


Graphics in the game are designed in 3D with interesting cartoon images. You will be immersed in the childhood world with a diverse collection of different NERF gun models. In the game, there are also many different locations to explore for players. First, you will start with the nooks in the house or living room. But when you start to become a better NERF player, you can leave the house and go out to the street to shoot with the neighborhood kids.

Not only that, but the sound system is also a very important point in an entertainment game. It brings humor to the game and increases the attractiveness in the plastic bullet shooting scenes. But I have a question, why is gunfire coming out but the opponent doesn’t know your hiding place?

NERF Epic Pranks! MOD version

To meet the needs of gamers who love the game MOD series, we have created the MOD version of NERF Epic Pranks! with an unlimited monetary system. It allows players to use them to unlock new characters and weapons in the game store.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: Unlimited money use for unlocking characters and collecting weapons.


Above is the NERF Epic Pranks review! MOD after our actual experience. As an entertaining action game mixed with puzzle elements, this is definitely a pocket game for you after stressful working hours. The game is suitable for all ages, bringing players back to childhood through the hidden shooting game. If you love NERF guns, surely the gun collection in the game does not disappoint.

Ready to download NERF Epic Pranks!

You can download the MOD version of NERF Epic Pranks! via the link below, Remember, the MOD version will not appear on Google Play. What could be more interesting than easily owning a massive system of favorite guns as a child? Join the experience now.

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