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Minecraft Earth apk
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Minecraft Earth APK is an independent simulation game in an open world. Developed by Mojang and published by Xbox Game Studios. The game focuses on building structures, gathering resources, crafting and exploring in an open world.

Minecraft Earth apk

About the Minecraft Earth APK

Minecraft Earth was released by Mojang, is a Swedish independent game developer called Mojang Specifications, and is best known for creating Minecraft, it’s a free open-world game. built and also the best selling game of all time.
Recently, the developer Mojang has combined with Xbox Game Studios to create a Minecraft-oriented game, Minecraft Earth.


Similar to Minecraft, Minecraft Earth focuses on building structures, gathering resources, crafting and exploring. The game uses the Bedrock game engine just like other versions of Minecraft.

In both Build and Play modes, builds are covered in the real world using augmented reality (AR) and phone cameras.

Players can collect resources by collecting “tappable” in the in-game map and by completing “adventure” can be a puzzle. A specific task or a virtual position with the Hostile entities to defeat.

Your own world

Today you can completely create, discover and survive in your own world when the Minecraft world enters our universe in a whole new way through the power of augmented reality. Be the first people to experience the world today, will have thousands of gifts and skins for you. Join now!

Minecraft Earth apk


The gameplay of Minecraft Earth is similar to Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players can interact with the virtual world in many different ways. If you want to explore another place, you need to get out of the house and walk to that place instead of playing the game lazily on the sofa. No one tells you what to do, discover everything possible with your feet. Tap, tap, destroy and do everything you want.


Minecraft requires and stimulates your creativity so Minecraft Earth gives you the opportunity to express yourself on a whole new scale. You can completely create and build on anything you want in the real world with all kinds of flat surfaces in desktop mode with 3D holograms! Then, put your builds in real size with augmented reality and experience what it likes when going through them. Try creating a favorite item right now.


Minecraft Earth has many items that you will absolutely love, along with a variety of skins that you will use to create your desired shapes. Once you have good playing experience, you will be able to create unique variations and use them to create your real-world objects.


Meet the same-minded players and create masterpieces together. Each other also participates in working on a smaller scale with friends before bringing your erection out to nature at full size. You can even team up with others to also create huge masterpieces!


Minecraft Earth apk

Minecraft Earth APK has a completely new dimension in your real life. Collect resources, be willing to accept challenges and share your creativity with your companions. What are you waiting for, explore that new world now!

Download the Minecraft Earth APK version?

Minecraft Earth brings you the world as your new creative outlet. Although there are still many things to improve, it’s undeniable that players can enjoy a unique experience with this game. Download Minecraft Earth APK now to experience it.

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