Merge more – American Dream APK v3.6.9

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Can computers make money? Yes, it appeared in Merge More – American Dream APK for Android & iOS devices. It is a simulation game of the publisher Byss Mobile. Make your dream come true in just a moment, you’re a billionaire.

Merge More - American Dream APK

The plot of Merge more – American Dream APK

One day, an American bottle guy dreams that he will become rich. In the hands of so many lands, valuable properties, and a huge castle. But suddenly there was a call, that was his wife’s voice. He suddenly woke up and that call broke his rich dream.

Suddenly inside his house’s storage room, he realized an old cardboard box for a long time. But who would have thought that his wealth was in it? He clicked to open that box. Well, it turned out to be a computer. Is that the key to bring him to the rich world? That’s right, just use your index finger and be a little patient. Just use the computer in Merge More – American Dream APK you will become so rich.


Merge More - American Dream APK

Merge More – American Dream is a ‘drag and match’ game. You will slide the computers together, 2 computers 1 level form a level 2 computer; So on, 2 computers 2 levels form a level 3 computer and so on. Oh, you are doubting the mathematical rules in this game? Please familiarize yourself with how to use it.

When passing the level, the player will be rewarded with a certain number of coins. Use that money to build more buildings for yourself. At least these old computers are giving you a lot of money. The problem of making money, the computer will do it for you. And you, look at the small, sunny island. Your job is to use the money earned to build a charming holiday home.

Wealth will come whenever

Your camper car vehicle will soon become a bungalow. You’ll buy this outdoor grill, followed by cars, swimming floats, and floating restaurants. In the process of unifying your computer, you’ll see more and more high-end models, from the ugly gray box, becoming a high-tech, modern device that can bring you millions of cents in the blink of an eye.

When crossing the level, you will have more storage space, meaning more drag and match opportunities. You can relax and watch the money flow, gradually turning the peaceful little island into a true paradise.

You can also promote all activities. Click to speed up production or invest an amount in high-end computers to make more profit from computer assemblies.

You can hire mentors to get more privileges and complete daily tasks for faster processing speed. American Dream is an interesting point and clicks game if you invest a little effort. Even if you just press a few times, you can realize the dream much earlier.


Regarding graphics, there is nothing to say much. The graphics in Merge More – American Dream APK use 2.5D animation that makes the player completely fascinated by it. Along with that, the game is well-known for its bright and colorful combination. The sound in the game is also very funny, making players feel immersed in the real world of the American dream.

Ready to download Merge More – American Dream APK

Currently, the game is available in all mobile app stores. Please download Merge More – American Dream APK via the link below. If you love simulation games, you can try the game Sharpen Blade. It is also a game that is worth playing.

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