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Master of Japanese RPG fantasy Langrisser SEA (APK) is now officially available on mobile! Superstar of anime legends is appearing. For the first time in Langrisser, the characters are voiced like Japanese anime actors. Original composer Noriyuki Iwadare is back to perform his musical magic in the game. The game will support languages ​​including Thai, Chinese, English, and Indonesian.

After five generations of unforgettable adventures, experience a whole new story in an expanded fantasy world! Engage in real-time tactical battles with players from around the world.

Langrisser SEA APK

Information of Langrisser SEA APK

In the mobile version of this famous Japanese role-playing game series, you will be taken to the El Sallia continent after the big battle at Langrisser V (the last game of the original series, released in 1998). end. Legend has it that anyone who has Langrisser, the legendary sword of the same name as the game, will possess infinite power. However, the sword was destroyed in that battle. Now, Matthew, the protagonist of Langrisser will carry out a mission to forge the sword and rescue the continent from the dark forces.

From the constant battle screen to the excitement of carefully measuring every move, Langrisser’s vast fantasy world is sure to continually bring excitement to the Loyaltyist of the strategy game genre.

Journey through time

During the journey through the time frame, you can summon the heroes that have appeared in the Langrisser game series to support Matthew. These characters include Leon, the captain of the Blue Dragon Knight of Rayguard Empire (Rayguard Empire), Jessica, the witch who appears throughout the game, Shelaniel, the first Princess of the Kingdom of Caconsis and Angelina, the Princess the second lord.

You are also very wary because sometimes these characters can help you, but it is very easy to make you an enemy. Fans of the series will be excited to meet their favorite characters and the characters that scare them the most.

Turn-based matches

In turn-based matches, you’ll have to resort to clever tactics and make perfect moves as in a great chess match. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, soldiers with spears will overwhelm cavalry. So take advantage of their skillful tactics to gain the upper hand.

Terrain also plays an important role in this game. For example, units will have a higher defense capacity when in the forest. In addition, to successfully complete your mission, you must pay attention to the time to use the skill. You must also learn how to use the character to suit the type of melee or remote attack. As the leader of this campaign, you will be free to choose how to fight and enjoy new gameplay.

Besides playing the main story, the game also has Time Rift mode for you to experience illustrious adventures for a while. With the participation of the characters in Langrisser. So both new and old players can enjoy great storylines from previous titles.



The graphics in the game possess attractive 3D animations with Japanese anime characters. If you are not too busy with defensive drills and evade attacks of evil monsters, take some time to enjoy anime-style graphics. The voice actors are all celebrities, as well as the memorable original soundtrack in this game. Those factors have really contributed to an extremely epic adventure.

Ready to download Langrisser SEA APK for Android

If you are a fan of Japanese anime cartoons then you will definitely love this game. Langrisser SEA APK is an RPG strategy game released by the Japanese publisher ZlongGames. Currently, the game is allowing free download on the app store for Android. And if you love RPGs like this one, try Summoners’ War: Sky Arena by the Korean publisher. It’s all worth experiencing, download it right away to your phone.

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