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Great Conqueror: Rome APK is an attractive strategy game of EasyTech publisher. Great Conqueror: Rome is a tactical game set in the early Roman Empire, simulating the development of this empire from the beginning to the most flourishing period. It seems that no enemy can surpass. Back in Roman times, join the talented generals who command their army and accompany them through the ups and downs in history.

Great Conqueror: Rome


In the past, the Constantinople battle marked the fall of Rome by the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, right now the world needs you as a hero to help rebuild this empire. Your mission in the game Great Conqueror: Rome APK is commanding your army, conquering countries besides making Rome the most powerful country, rewrite Rome’s history with this fascinating game.

Keep the destiny of the nation

Great Conqueror: Rome

Great Conqueror: Rome APK recreates the Rome empire from the very beginning until becoming a flourishing nation, you will be the rewrite of the history of this empire by playing the head, a competent commander Army preparation, weapons development, economic development … The game has the appearance of real characters in history such as Caesar, Pompey, Antony, Octavian, and Spartacus. If you are interested in history, enjoy exploring countries around the world, download the game and start experiencing.

Many different game modes

Great Conqueror: Rome provides players in 3 different modes Campaign, Adventure, and Conquest

  • Campaign: recreate hundreds of historical battles spanning Africa, Europe, and Asia and you can see how the process of Rome has evolved into a great empire.
  • Adventure: In this mode, you will lead your entire army and lead them to explore many different lands.
  • Conquest: In this mode, you will conquer powerful empires from the Mediterranean to the British Isles. You will see how fierce the war is.

Stretching throughout the adventure back to Rome’s past. Each regime has its own characteristics, recreating classic historical battles such as the Spartacus Rebellion, The Conquest of Gaul, Caesar’s Civil War, Antony’s Civil War, the Eastern Conquest. Through the game, you will also understand the severity of war, the exchange of blood and tears can win the peace.

The main feature of Great Conqueror: Rome

  • Roman strategy game
  • Background of the development of the Rome empire
  • Historical characters and battles are real
  • Many attractive game modes
  • Role-playing talented, assertive commander

MOD feature

You can also try the experience with the unlimited money MOD version. Help the playing process and experience easier. You can pay for any item in the game store.

Ready to download Great Conqueror: Rome APK

If you love tactical games, Great Conqueror: Rome will be an interesting experience for you. In order to command the army and use the skills to control a private empire to deal with the enemy. Great Conqueror: Rome provides equipped with modern weapons, unique plot combined with carefully polished graphics. Surely you will not disappoint. Download the Great Conqueror: Rome to your phone with the APK version for Android.

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