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Step into Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld APK with a strange-faced clown. The city of New Orleans is entering its ruined days. Criminal gangs are raging the city. Join Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld – enjoy great graphics by exploring the open world, completing challenging tasks.


In context, Gangstar New Orleans is somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Vice City, where gamers will feel the vitality of the world in the 70-80s of the last century. During that time, the influence of gangs on American society gradually spread. Become a force that scares people. As a link in that underworld, you will follow the path of your own prominence. Face dirty tricks of surrounding enemies.

Remember the game Gangstar Vegas senior product launched with many outstanding achievements. Surely it will put a lot of pressure on the developer on this game. So this time whether GangStar New Orleans can surpass its seniors to continue to become a new “phenomenon” in the mobile market? Today, let’s discover what this game has to offer!

The world in Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld is a game of professional opportunity similar to GTA. The game was released and developed by Gameloft. One of the best games you can play on your Android devices. Breaking out of the Havok engine casing, the whole scene has made remarkable progress. Almost all the engine systems in the series depict the spirit and authenticity of the characters in the game. All are synchronized from vehicle staging to architecture. Bring the players a very new experience.

Biker gangs, they use hundreds of weapons and vehicles to wreck the city. And you? You are the least popular Gangstar of all! Dominate the underworld and declare Big Easy to be your own criminal capital. In addition to honoring the old values, Gangstar New Orleans also added a new mechanism that helps maintain the player’s options. Yes, we are talking about the Turf Wars system revolving around local wars.

So what about the content of the game? In this version of New Orleans has overcome many limitations of the previous Vegas game. The map size has been significantly improved, which gives players more options for playing. In addition to the daily tasks to complete, players can freely find their own fun.

Turf Wars mode

As the name implies, in Turf Wars, gamers will have to form different gangs. The main purpose is to protect your area from attack by other groups. Your team will gain valuable resources that allow you to craft more advanced items and weapons. Understandably, the Turf Wars system works like a true PvP mode. Create a whole new value for the Gangstar series. Your gang becomes successful in maintaining territory.

Gangstar New Orleans Gameplay

You can kill people, steal cars or trade banned goods for a profit. In the game, you can do everything you want. But according to the rules of the game, we must be careful and watch the police. Why? Because the police are powerful people and you are doing something illegal. Please accept it! And remember one thing is that once the police “remember the face”, the clash is inevitable. Moreover, based on my playing experience, I will always be the “loser” in this battle.

In addition to the main way of playing, the player gradually becomes a bad person. Then this game also takes us into the game territory of war. Many people think that this style of play is very similar to Grand Theft Auto. But after experiencing it was not like that, on the contrary, it also felt quite like “Mafia 3”.

Through quests, you become more attractive in this city. But once your influence is too great, it can be harmful to you again. Turn into invasion lands of the opponent, strength, influence of the opponent. After the mission is over, you can name the area as yours. The premium system will be released, you will get more resources.

Manipulating control in the game

In terms of manipulations, basically can be divided into two categories: fighting and driving. The key design of these two types of manipulations has great similarities. Players will use the left key to control the character and vehicle direction. Right button to attack, hide, increase or decrease vehicle speed. Luckily, to reduce the difficulty, the game has replaced the traditional hunting mode with the automatic aiming system. Players just need to load and wait for the finished product to be finished. Overall, the game operation is not too difficult, just through a few familiar tasks, the player can easily grasp them all.

Going back to the original problem, game developers always mention games labeled “Open World”, so is the game really an open world? The answer is no. Because the game includes physical strength, an element that many players like and dislike. This stat will increase along with the player’s level up. Because each mission in the game requires a certain amount of physical strength, this is a big challenge for the player. Once the mission fails, your stamina will not return to the original number. If physically strong, you can do whatever you want. And if you no longer physically, to handle the control becomes even more difficult.

Build your own Luxurious

You and your gang will become stronger through the task of appropriating the city. Expansion of expensive housing and construction of many islands of your own. This will be the resting place for the end of life with luxury items. Build your dream home, expensive car and boat collection. Build runways and heliport to escape quickly!


Graphics in the game are excellent for a mobile game. You can do everything in the open world like the world-famous GTA games. With an extensive map, players can freely explore the city of New Orleans. Some interesting features bring a true feel to the player. From customizing the main character, improving the situation, and fighting between gangs.

Join the game, players will explore deeper about the city crime gangs. A whole vast world for players to explore freely, a bloody game with crazy bombardment screens. All will be directly uploaded by Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld to the Mobile screen.

Overview of Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld APK is probably a very successful game released by Gameloft. Here, you can unleash exploring the underground criminal world. A GTA mobile game for fans of open-world exploration games. Content-rich with many sandbox games, all are bright spots in the game. Don’t hesitate to download the game and let us know your experience!

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