SkidStorm MOD APK

  • App Details
  • Publisher Cheetah Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 85MB
  • Version 1.0.159
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


If anyone has ever played through racing games, surely will know Gameloft’s recent Asphalt 9 game. It is an extremely popular game about gameplay and realistic graphics. You must have heard many people mentioning that game. You don’t want to be like anyone, hate boredom. That’s great, maybe SkidStorm is the answer for you. This is a new product from the publisher Cheetah Games. Although the HOT is not equal to Asphalt’s big brother, the publisher still pleases the player. The game brings light graphics and entertaining gameplay, bringing a completely different feel to the games available on the market.

Become a super racing driver

Like other racing games. SkidStorm still carries the rest of a racing genre game. Become a good driver on the track. You will be competing on hundreds of different racing scenes. Master the speed of the monster car, hit the gas to overcome all opponents or make beautiful drift …. you can do everything in this game. But be careful because you may also have an accident at any time.

Your task is to get the car to the finish as soon as possible. In other words, become the winner. That said, but it’s not easy to do it! SkidStorm’s track is designed with lots of bends, along with obstacles on the track that make it difficult for you! Even if you are a professional racer, you have to sweat with this game. Remember to observe carefully and skillfully handle the situation smoothly.


The control system of the game is quite simple. You just need to press the Left or Right button to control the vehicle. Collect Nitro bottles on the track to help speed up the car for a certain period of time. At first, you might be a bit confused, because it’s difficult to control the car on the bends in SkidStorm. It is not like the roads on Asphalt. SkidStorm’s track is always rugged. If the control is not clever, you can be thrown right off the track at any time. After a few laps, I have defeated other players, what about you?

Attractive modes

In addition to the modes that you often encounter in racing games such as Career, AI, Single, this game also offers more attractive game modes. SkidStorm integrates real-time PvP mode. You will be able to show your driving level to other players. This is the mode I like the most in this game. Experience the most attractive curves of the game with friends. Invite them to play and show them your speed.

Although not as many terrible cars as in Asphalt. SkidStorm still offers you 17 choices of vehicles. Use the coins collected after each table to buy a car for yourself. Not boring, SkidStorm also allows you to change 12 skins so you can customize the colour of the car as you like. In addition, you can also upgrade some equipment for vehicles such as turbo, nitrogen, tires,…


Graphics in SkidStorm don’t have too many outstanding things. Bright colours based on beautiful 3D design platform. With simple graphics, SkidStorm makes sure it can’t match the 3D racing games on the market. But not called bad, the details in the game are not too messy. The game is more entertaining than graphics. You will also experience 15 different places in the game such as harbors, deserts, rails, … There are also 24 songs for you to enjoy in each table.

General assessment

SkidStorm is also a game worth playing for those who love a racing game with a new play. In addition to the bends, everything in the game is simplified. Conquer SkidStorm’s tracks to show off to friends. Currently, the game is available on both Android and iOS platforms for free download. You can download SkidStorm to your phone via the link below.

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