Garena Free fire mod apk

Free Fire – Anniversary “One of the popular shooters!”

  • App Details
  • Publisher Garena
  • OS Android
  • Size 65M
  • Version 1.39.0
  • MOD Features MOD, Play without root, Anti ban, Anti lock nick
  • Get it on Google Play


GARENA FREE FIRE (MoD APK) is the top survival shooter game in the top of the most popular shooting games today, can be said to be equivalent to PUBG, Fortnite Mobile. Unlike other “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” style shooters, Garena Free Fire is officially a survival shooter version that you should not ignore. Garena Free Fire (hacked version) brings survival experiences extremely nervous and full of choking surprises.

Free fire mod apk

Although Garena Free Fire is not as good as PUBG or Fortnite, the publisher is still trying to improve for her child, Garena still releases the latest updates for the Free Fire game. And recently the 2nd anniversary edition launched Garena Free Fire mobile. Currently if you do not want to spend money to download the Free Fire hack available on the internet, follow this article we will take you to the link to download the Free Fire hack APK domain, runs well on all Android devices.

Do you live the longest in the circle of Free Fire?

After parachuting with 50 other people from the plane to the island, the battle for life and death began. You can choose for yourself anywhere on the map to land. It does not take too much time for the match, each game screen usually lasts 10-15 minutes you can fight the remaining 49 players, all for the goal of survival to the end. There is only one rule: “hunting or becoming prey.” Do you want to be prey right from the first minute of landing? Definitely not, right? Therefore, players must quickly search for weapons, items needed are high-damage guns, or heavy scatterers scattered all over the island to survive and take out other players. . And don’t forget to pick up and equip yourself with a 3-helmet 3 sure armor!

Garena Free fire apk

Armor, hats and backpacks are the important equipment for players. Armor and hats will help reduce the damage of enemy weapons to players. The higher the level, the better the damage ability. Backpack is an important item that helps players will bring many items necessary for the battle of survival, similar to hats and armor, the higher level backpack will bring more items.

With the attractive life and death game, a game will only exist one winner, that is the last survivor. Therefore, it is essential that you learn to hone the skills of entrance, hiding, moving deliberately, dodge the ugly rings that the enemy uses to kill you quickly. Quickly. Clever movement is what helps players to become a legend, in addition to Free fire players choose to run fast or swim underwater to be able to run quickly into the circle of a favorable way.

Let’s run with Free Fire!

Free fire mod

Border includes two types, white and blue, white is an area on the map showing a safe area, you need to run into the white circle as soon as possible. Blue is the power loop gradually withdrawing, note that if you stay outside the blue circle, you will lose energy to death. After each set time period, the radius of the blue circle will narrow, which is when the remaining players clash with each other more easily. So, it is essential that you build your own shooting and moving skills. Be clever and quick, because only 0.1 second you can eat an AWM bullet in the head. Also, don’t forget to pick up healing bags when you need to revitalize. The healing bag contains 70 units of blood, try to collect as many bags of blood as possible.

Besides the game has a lot of tactics for players to choose: Driving explore the map and avoid fighting, hiding, even becoming invisible by hiding in the grass …

Fight with your team

Free fire with team

Moreover, call your friends to download the Free Fire MoD Apk game and fight with your teammates. Make plans and strategies because Free Fire also supports talking to each other via mic. Therefore, team battle is also an extremely important thing in this mortal match. If you ever get hurt, your teammates will be the doctors who will give you life. If you play solo, you will die long ago. So, the most important thing is still having friends together. Remember!


Free fire hack apk

Possessing 3D graphics, Garena Free Fire gives players the most realistic views in the game. The characters in the game are also designed extremely realistic by 3D human faces, clothes and equipment are impeccable. Many beautiful clothes you have to spend money to get them. Or you can get them by opening gift boxes, by collecting gold in exchange for costumes. The large expanded map also illustrates the beautiful graphics for this mobile. With many scenes, trees, houses designed in a practical way. The boom boom and gunfire also makes you vibrate when stepping into Free Fire.

Finally – What will Garena Free Fire MoD Apk have?

  • Hack full money.
  • Hack full diamond.
  • Hack full skin, free costume.
  • All items purchased from kc, gold
  • The hack exists permanently if updated later.
  • Very low nick rate Hack auto aim.
  • Anti-shock when drying.
  • Bullets chase.
  • Range increased.
  • Change bullets fast.
  • Invisible.
  • Fix lag.
  • Armor and hats increased by 15%.
  • Damage increased by + 40%.
  • Speed ​​up + 15% (dodge bullets super easy).
  • Remote target lock.
  • Auto heashot.
  • Hack immortal.
  • Detect surrounding enemies.
  • Eliminate all adverse effects.
  • Play without root.
  • Anti ban, anti lock nick

Currently Garena Free Fire is a game support for all Android and iOS devices. Being released for free on all app stores. But only the Free Fire Mod APK version will be provided only on our website, and the Hack version will be available only for devices running Android. Download Free Fire now to experience and follow the regular updates on our site.

Download Garena Free Fire Mod Apk for Android

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