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  • Publisher Nintendo Studio
  • OS Android
  • Size 95MB
  • Version 1.0.0
  • MOD Features No
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Dr. Mario World Apk is an upcoming game in the Dr. Mario series for iOS and Android smartphones, set to release on July 10, 2019.

It is a free to download game with optional in-app purchases that is being co-developed by Nintendo, LINE, and NHN Entertainment, and will be available initially in approximately sixty countries/regions including Japan and the United States. The game will support multiple languages including Japanese and English.

Dr. Mario World is the second Mario game for mobile devices, following Super Mario Run.


Use your puzzle skills to eliminate pesky viruses!

Match capsules with viruses and watch them disappear! Simply match three objects of the same color vertically or horizontally to clear them.

Take your time, because each puzzling stage’s configuration of viruses must be cleared using a limited number of capsules.

As with previous Dr. Mario games, the player’s objective is to eliminate all of the viruses on the screen by connecting Megavitamins of the same color to each of them, although instead of the Megavitamins descending, the game’s gravity is directed upwards with the viruses positioned towards the top of the screen. The player first drags a Megavitamin from the bottom of the screen onto the field to use it, and can drag it again to move it or increase its “falling” speed, or tap it to rotate it horizontally or vertically. Viruses are eliminated if three (as opposed to four) or more of the same color are matched. The classic red, blue, and yellow viruses return, while new green, purple, and cyan viruses make their debut.

Depending on the level, various obstacles may appear on the field, including Empty Blocks and Brick Blocks. Different colored  shells and bombs can also appear among the viruses which, when matched with Megavitamins of the same color, clear out viruses on the same row and eliminate surrounding viruses, respectively. Some viruses are encased in bubbles, which shield them from Megavitamins once before they disappear; or trapped in cages, only being released after clearing a lock on the field.

Levels are grouped into worlds, beginning with five – a grass-themed world, a desert-themed world, a beach-themed world, a ghost-themed world, and a sky-themed world – with more to be added in the future.

In order to play a level, the player needs to have at least one heart. Hearts are gained automatically as time passes, although players can purchase hearts with diamonds. Diamonds can also be used to obtain items and to continue a level should a player fail an attempt (although only one continue is allowed per attempt). Diamonds can be purchased through the app with real money.

Unlike prior Dr. Mario games, players are limited to a certain amount of capsules per level.


Rid the world of viruses with Dr. Mario and friends!

A colorful cast of viruses has Dr. Mario world in a panic! Dr. Mario and friends have put on lab coats and grabbed capsules! Now they’re ready to eliminate those unruly viruses.

Hundreds of stages over many different worlds need saving, with new worlds coming on a regular basis!


Dr. Mario has a variety of characters, eye-catching appearance and skillful skills. The enemy troops also have special abilities that will make it difficult for you. Items will help you a lot when performing quests, so collect lots and use them in time!

Play together with friends and family around the world!

You’re not in this alone-send and receive stamina-giving hearts to use in stage mode! Then, show off your puzzle-solving progress. In versus mode, you can challenge others to a one-on-one showdown!

Invite your friends and join now!

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