BuildTopia – The most successful Fortnite learning game

  • App Details
  • Publisher NetEase
  • OS Android
  • Size 1.7G
  • Version 2.1.10
  • MOD Features No
  • Get it on Google Play


How does BuildTopia attract young people today?

Today’s increasing demand for entertainment with the development of technology platforms makes game development an extremely attractive profession that attracts today’s youth across the globe. Today the common feature of the battle-style games is still popular with many gamers. Besides, a game genre that is most interested in and attracted the most in the market today it is exciting on websites thanks to the most active exploitation.

Thought Fortcraft was forgotten, NetEase has recently been re-released this game under the name BuildTopia APK. This game brings picture quality thanks to the combination of FortCraft project and Creative Destruction. Where you have to find a way to live in a battle with 100 other players. And the game is currently in the process of free release in the Chinese market.


To start playing BuildTopia APK, players create a character as their icon in the game. The controls in BuildTopia APK are genre standards: First you move around using the left button bar and fire your weapon by pressing the corresponding button. To defeat the opponent, it is very important and necessary to collect the resources with your own hammer. With ingenuity the movement itself. You can use tools to break everything you can see on the walls: houses, trees …. with model structure tools on the map so we can build stairs, floors and walls …. The terrain is convenient, the player must have high skills and the last missing item is a weapon. You have to earn the most amount to use the building and do not forget to divide to create weapons. Because these buildings are the main players in the game because it keeps you safe from enemies, ensuring players will live longer.

   Any game has a major player action. But for BulidTopia alone, you meet a mountain of weapons and equipment to use. These objects and materials are scattered around the island, so the player must create the smartest for them to sweep the island before your opponents do. Finally, it is especially important that you pay attention to the chests, because the containers contain the highest value items. Must show talent, protection, revenge but must enter Let’s ensure we are not destroyed. By skillful with the shooting skills of the player make sure to lead yourself the victory. The winner is the one who earns the most during the match.


BulidTopia is an excellent Battle Royale in all parts. It is one of the titles that has nothing to envy the big names in the genre of games ever: PUBG MOBILE and FREE FIRE. With vivid, harmonious 3D images combined with the colors of nature.

   When tired of the mind-clearing jobs, you can download the game BuildTopia APK to entertain, reduce mental stress. But what is more special is that young people under 15 should not play because violent games cause children to obsess … BulidTopia is a game that provides many activities for characters such as: communication, making friends and chat with players from all four directions, manage the team, trade in-game items. Therefore, people will pay more attention to BuildTopia APK to attract young people today. Click on the link below to download the game.

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