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If you are looking for a light entertainment game, do not miss Draw Joust! APK (Unlimited Money). A game developed by VOODOO – A famous game company with simple but extremely addictive design games.

Introducing Draw Joust!

Draw Joust! is a new product of the publisher VOODOO. The game with simple gameplay in the form of building battle characters. Your goal is to disrupt the opponent’s forces and make them lose battle tools. Complete new challenges the game offers. Come up with new strategies that can help you defeat your opponent quickly. You are ready to take part in challenges in Draw Joust! not yet? Firstly, let’s see what the game has that makes us addicted to it.


Draw Joust! There is a very simple gameplay. You will have to swipe your finger on the touch screen. The game will give players hints to draw characters. Then you will have to create trolleys with axes, spears, cannons, swords, .. fighting against the enemies. The drawings will never be the same. Because the characters in each match are drawn by yourself to make it work. You will be provided with an INK, which allows you to use it to draw battle characters.

The gameplay is very simple. Slide your finger on the touch screen left or right to control the battle vehicle. Players will use their steed to crash the opponent’s controller. It makes the opponent’s combat tools fall. That is when you win. It’s simple right?

In addition to INK, your battle characters also have different stats such as Power, Heart, and Offline Earnings.

Individual index

  • INK: This is the ink index that allows you to design your trolley limited by the amount of ink specified. You can also upgrade your INK to draw more strokes.
  • Strength: This is your strength indicator. The higher this number, the higher your fighting power. That is, your character will be stronger than the enemy if you upgrade this stat.
  • Heart: Your health index depends on Tim. Upgrade this stat so you have a tough fighting power!
  • Offline earnings: This is the amount you will earn in addition to the rewards the Level has set. The more you upgrade, the more money you get after each battle.

The higher these numbers are, the stronger you will become. Defeat all opponents with more advanced power and support tools. To be able to upgrade, it requires a certain amount of money. But not everyone will pay for these upgrades. If you do not want to spend time to save that money, you should try our MOD (Unlimited Money) version. It will meet all your needs. Help you win the opponent more easily.

Fight with all opponents in the world

In the game, you will not merely fight with AI characters. Moreover, you will be fighting with opponents in different countries. Help you try your best, take you to the top TOP in the world. With different tactics, you cleverly handle each opponent in the way you learn. As noted above. The greater your health index, the higher your chances of winning. Spend a lot of time on upgrading personal stats, improving combat ability.


Graphics in Draw Joust! Very simple design. This is the style that made the name of the publisher VOODOO. 3D images in the game are designed simply with many gentle colors. Help you have moments of relaxation when looking at the entertainment screen. Listening to fight music also makes you more excited. This is probably a game to help you relax after stressful studying hours.

MOD version of Draw Joust!

You will not have to spend much effort to collect a large amount of money to upgrade your character. By using the MOD version (Unlimited Money) you will have everything you want. Upgrading your character’s stats makes you stronger than ever!

Download now Draw Joust! MOD APK

What will you do after every stressful studying and working hour? For me, I will choose the download of Draw Joust !. It helps me have moments of gentle relaxation and easy to play. Currently, the game is being released for free on the Google Play app store. However, the Draw Joust! MOD (Unlimited Money) is only available on our website. Choose for yourself a download link right below!

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