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Dirt Bike Unchained APK (MOD Speed) is a very nice 3D terrain racing game from the developer Red Bull Apps. In Dirt Bike Unchained, participating in the adventure race is a very normal thing. To overcome the challenges that the game brings, you must be an adventurous person and dare to face challenges. Are you ready to join the locust racing game and show off your skills?

Introducing Dirt Bike Unchained

Dirt Bike Unchained APK cola

Surely many people know the name Red Bull, a famous energy drink company globally. In early April 1987, Red Bull sold its first energy drink cans in Austria. More than 32 years later, the group is also known for owning 15 sports teams, including 2 Formula 1 racing teams. This is the energy drink company that has heavily funded the sports industry in the world. At the same time, they also create a lot of sports tournaments, as well as sponsors, organize games to promote the brand.

It doesn’t stop at sports, but it also develops apps for phones. Helping sports lovers achieve their long-term aspirations. With its own app store – Red Bull Apps brings users sports games like Red Bull Free Skiing, Bike Unchained. Recognizing the achievements that players bring, recently, the application company has also developed the Dirt Bike Unchained MOD APK. This is a terrain bike racing game. Allow players to participate in the toughest terrain with extremely interesting challenges. Join us on Dirt Bike Unchained and show off your skills!


Dirt Bike Unchained APK

Start the race in Dirt Bike Unchained MOD APK with some basic instructions to help players get familiar with the control mechanism of the game. Just by pressing on the touch screen, you can easily handle the speed of the terrain vehicle. With a single control button, you can help the car rush forward. In other words, use that joystick to increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle.

You also need to pay attention to the speed of a motorcycle does not always accelerate. Know to speed up and down at the right time to get the spectacular aerial flying. On the track there are many adventurous bends, slippery sandy beaches also make you fly off the track. Be careful with deep valleys, you may lose your life if you do not have enough speed to fly over. On bends, blue lines appear like Nitro on Asphalt. By tapping the screen, your terrain vehicle can accelerate significantly. Take advantage of the arrival of Nitro to accelerate the car to overcome the opponent.

Upgrade Dirt Bike

In order for the car to run more smoothly on the track, players also need to upgrade the engine parameters. There are several upgrades needed for a vehicle: Super Hot Spark Plug, Ultrasoft Compound, Upgraded Ball Joints, Racing Drivetrain. In it, Super Hot Spark Plugs (Ensure the Fuel literally explodes giving more HP From any engine). Ultrasoft Compound (OFF-road situations need hefty grip. This rubber compound provides it without sacrificing rolling speed). Upgraded Ball Joints (High-end racing upgrade For the stock ball joints). Racing Drivetrain (Racing quality chain and rear mech upgrade).

Diverse maps and great graphics

You will compete with other players on challenging racing tracks. Team up with up to 24 players to complete missions and get rewards. The map in Dirt Bike Unchained is very diverse, allowing players to explore new routes with stunningly designed landscapes as authentically as possible. Sandy deserts or on a rocky mountain or maybe on a long road.

You will be in a real race with the actual Red Bull athletes. Moreover, the effects included in the game are also designed in a subtle, detailed way. Details of dust, sun, wind in the desert are also completely designed based on reality. It brings an extremely excellent experience for players. It’s rare to see a mobile game with such an authentic design.

Moreover, the sound system in the game is also designed honestly. Recreate the sound of an engine a terrain vehicle. The soundtrack in Dirt Bike Unchained also creates an exciting atmosphere when participating in the race.

Dirt Bike Unchained MOD version

To please gamers, we have created the MOD Speed ​​version so that you can win easily. You can easily turn on the MOD feature in the MOD Menu of the game. If you don’t see the MOD menu, make sure your phone has granted access to external apps. By going to settings> app> game name> permissions and enable all permissions.

MOD feature

  • MOD Speed: With the MOD Speed ​​feature, you can increase the speed of the motorbike so that it can accelerate quickly to overcome all opponents.


Above is what we have drawn from practical experience. With an exciting sports car racing game from a famous energy drink company Red Bull, it will definitely make you hard to ignore. Moreover, the sound graphics system is also extremely realistic, very few sports car racing games can be achieved. Gather yourself a massive dirt bike system and join the adventure track right away.

Ready to download Dirt Bike Unchained MOD

Dirt Bike Unchained is now available in all major app stores. You can easily download it via our link. Remember, the Dirt Bike Unchained MOD version is not released on Google Play. Select a link and click the Download button.

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