Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! MOD APK v2.64 (Unlimited Sapphire)

PublisherBounce Global
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Sapphire
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Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! APK (Unlimited Sapphire) is an adventure genre game for mobile devices. Get lost deep into the mysterious forest where scary monsters appear. You will have to run away from it using your skills and intelligence. It was getting dark, and suddenly a large old temple in the forest appeared before him. There are so many things that make you curious!

Information of Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush!

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! is an adventure game and published by Bounce Global. With the slogan “Playing as a child!”, The Singaporean publisher created the games that match that slogan. The games produced towards the age of children. Bringing clever ingenuity to solve difficult cases, brain training for children. Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! is also a game like that. An adventurous role-playing style, explore the maze containing many treasures in the deep forest, where the magnificent Angkor Wat temple.

Adventure in the forest

In this game, you play the role of a curious boy. He ran away from home to explore many interesting places. But in the context of this time, perhaps a small difficulty happened to the boy. He lost his way in the deep forest, where many threats came. Blue giant snakes fill the foliage, where they camouflage. Dangerous traps are placed all along the way. Caused the boy to almost die here. Beyond that, you will see the arrival of Angkor Wat temple, which contains a lot of valuable treasures, especially diamonds. To be able to collect the most diamonds requires the boy to overcome the many hidden pitfalls in them.

By his ingenuity and intelligence, the boy gradually overcome the challenges posed. Not stopping there, he got lost in the Bavarian hells castle. It sounds scary to hear the name, right? I wonder if this boy will survive to return to his village this time? In the middle of nowhere, there are many pitfalls, along with giant spiders, cannibal monkeys. The arrows were calculated as a trap, if they were not skillful, it would be pierced. And finally, he passed the cold Tibet ice cave.

Collect diamonds

During your adventure, you have to walk through the bushes, dig huge giant pits. The main purpose is to collect precious diamonds. Gravity will shake the rocks and can hit you anytime. At the end of each stage, you will have to defeat a giant monster to go to the next stage. Collecting treasure is difficult, but this is an extremely interesting job, right?

Do not rush is the criteria of the game. That’s right, if you’re not clever at calculating each step, you’ll have to play from the beginning. Be calmly calculated carefully, overcome dozens of obstacles on the map. The danger is lurking all over and preys to you. Players can control the character to avoid those obstacles with a console-like console. Offering just four basic movements such as climbing up and down and left or right, the game is quite difficult for beginners. You can even freely customize the opacity, size, and sensitivity of the navigation in the settings menu.


In each game screen, the player must collect a certain amount of diamonds. In addition, during the discovery process, you will be able to pick up the keys yourself. Use it to open the treasure chests found in the ancient tomb. These treasure chests may contain many purple diamonds or one amber diamond (extremely rare item).

To make discovering easier, characters can also use various auxiliary tools with unique features. For example, using a magic hammer to break down walls (only walls made of soft earth), a hook to pull things or using an ice hammer to freeze everything.


This is a classic maze adventure game but combined with advanced graphics and gameplay. Wearing a 2D design with many animations creates an attractive atmosphere when playing. Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! – Where the player becomes an adventurer running through many difficult challenges. Sound is a plus point with many extremely lovely music. Simulations of the sound of falling rocks, or the sound of monsters coming out are also extremely realistic.

Ready to download Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush!

Join the game to overcome the tough challenges with the boy. By your ingenuity, overcome the obstacles given. Practicing skills for children, it’s good, right? This is probably a pocket game for free time. Now, Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! is being released for free on the Google Play app store. Or you can download it immediately by selecting the links below.

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