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Crowd City MOD (Unlocked Skins, No Ads) can be said to be the most entertaining game to attract players of VooDoo. With the same playing style as the game Slither the Snake. The main objective of the player is to gather as many people into your team as possible by moving very close to them.

Introducing Crowd City

Crowd City is an entertaining action game PvP is causing “fever” on mobile. As the name implies, the goal of the player is to draw crowds to his team. You have a safe solution that is to choose any colorless resident into your team. Or you can do it in a more belligerent way by raiding the party of the weaker to capture their members. Crowd City MOD APK is an entertaining game full of fun.

Attract crowds

The city you are staying in is a crowded but very dull city. People are often busy with their daily work. Do you want this city to be more fun? The player’s job is to attract people who are on the street to his team. Run and play together in the streets, becoming the largest crowd in this city. Gather as many people into your group as possible by moving near them briefly.

Of course, you will encounter opponents who share the same goal in this city. There are a total of 9 different players leading a group of people distinguished by different colors. Players need to complete the goal to rise to the top of the rankings. Of course, you will encounter a number of competitors and need to defeat them to aspire to higher rankings. Each match will last 2 minutes, the player who holds the most people will become the winner.

Numbers say everything

If you do not understand the rules of Crowd City, you should follow the instructions or procedures as usual in other PvP games. Build your strength, in this game, are troops, then attack. Make sure the number of people in your hand is greater than the number of people in the opponent. After that, confidently chase the target crowd ahead until “swallowing” the enemy’s army. If not, head to the less crowded city area to gather more troops.

To see which groups you rank in the city. It’s easy, check the upper right corner, if your name is on the head, you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. You can attack any rival team you meet in the city. On the contrary, avoid facing the highest-ranked team in the city and keep in mind their colors.

Control mechanism

The control mechanism in Voodoo’s games has one thing in common that is easy to manipulate and control simply. Just by swiping on the screen, control your crowd to move around attracting colorless people. Move skillfully to prevent you from touching the bigger crowd than you. When exploring the map, you’ll realize that in Crowd City there are many nooks and crannies. Therefore, these can be pitfalls for enemies if you corner them into an alley with no exit. That makes you quickly kill the enemies, but remember that the opponent is less than you.

Become the strongest group of people

The goal of Crowd City as stated earlier is to gather the largest number of people possible in a short period of time. That is, you should collect people until the last second. Pay attention to the colors moving on the map to choose the appropriate path and “devour” the enemy army as soon as possible. A useful tip is to avoid low numbers of teams at the beginning of the game. Instead, focus on teams with the same number of friends as you save time. Try to win big prizes, they are very useful and really a respectable achievement to show off to your friends.


Voodoo’s game design style is considered simple. You can also easily recognize in the game Draw Joust!. Graphics in Crowd City are designed 3D from houses to trees designed eye-catching. People in the city are designed with the same shape, just different colors. With different colors, the game is highly entertaining for players.

MOD version

With our MOD version, when you start participating you will be unlocked for free Skins. Along with that, remove annoying ads while playing.

Ready to download Crowd City

It can be said that Crowd City is an entertaining action game extremely attractive to players. Up to now, there have been more than 100 million downloads on Google Play. With addictive game mechanics, bringing many challenges to players. Win against the rest of the players. Show off the highest score to your friends. Finally, choose yourself a link and click the download button.

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