Clumsy Ninja MOD APK v1.31.0 (Unlimited Money)

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  • Publisher NaturalMotionGames
  • OS Android
  • Size 18 MB
  • Version 1.31.0
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Clumsy Ninja MOD APK – is a highly entertaining game. This is a virtual pet game like Outfit7’s My Talking Tom, but your virtual pet is not a dog or a cat but a cute and a little clumsy Ninja boy.

Practice with Clumsy Ninja

Don’t think it is easy to hone a boy who becomes a true Ninja guy. In fact, the ninja boy in Clumsy Ninja is a very naughty guy. It was not serious at all during practice. In Clumsy Ninja, you will play the role of a teacher of the cute Ninja boy. You will be responsible for training the boy to become an elite Ninja. How? Thankfully, the developer has created a suggestion system to “rescue” you. Make lists available for training to train a ninja.

However, different from the Ninja sword guy fighting with the shadow world as in Shadow Fight. What makes Clumsy Ninja so different is that this ninja boy is a very cute person. It seems that this ninja boy has congenital soft limbs. Whenever you practice, you are as limp as a boneless person. This could be said to be a cute and somewhat clumsy Ninja boy.

Clumsy Ninja Gameplay

Gameplay revolves around ninja training and improving their “ninja skills”. Players can train ninja by doing certain activities such as throwing him up or tickling him and even forcing him to hang by balloons, playing hide-and-seek, playing on plates. Trampoline, practice with punching bags and many other activities. When the ninja improves his skills, he earns a new belt. A big part of the game is going around the world and completing tasks. Doing so will unlock new items that can be used to train more ninja.

This boy’s body is quite light, isn’t it? All your training will make Clumsy Ninja more skilful, and help him find his missing friend, Kira. After completing a training lesson, you will get some experience points to level up and unlock new training courses.

Play by mission

Same characteristics as many other Ninja games, Clumsy Ninja is the game that you play on the mission. That means you have to complete some exercises according to different difficulty levels. Some free training courses, besides some training courses, require you to unlock gold or diamonds. In Clumsy Ninja MOD version give you some big money and diamonds. You don’t need to worry about not having enough money to buy training courses.


The most attractive thing in Clumsy Ninja is the main character boy. Clumsy Ninja Ninja is a very cute boy with a big head and big eyes. The game has 3D animated graphics that catch the eye of players. With bright tones along with how it works, the moves and falls in Clumsy Ninja are very natural like real life. During the game, you will discover different places in each level. This can be said to be the best action adventure game I’ve ever played.


It can be said that Clumsy Ninja is a very entertaining game. What makes Clumsy Ninja attractive to players is that the cute Ninja boy can’t help laughing. If you want to torment this boy, download immediately to the Clumsy Ninja version for your phone. Currently Clumsy Ninja is available throughout the app store for phones. Download now Clumsy Ninja to experience!