Change Country/Region on account Apple Store

This will be an article that guides how to change the Country/Region on an iPhone device. Surely many of you have difficulty moving Country to other regions on the AppStore account. The purpose of downloading a game or application is not to be experienced in the living place. For example, the game “Spyjinx” – The game by Epic Games has partnered with Bad Robot Games has recently released a beta version.

On Android devices, users only need to download the APK file. But iOS does not. Therefore, we have found a solution for iPhone users. Here I would like to post to the article about how to change regions on the AppStore to “Malaysia” in the simplest way possible.

Start moving Country/Region from your Store to Store Malaysia

Step 1: On your iOS device, go to Settings> iTunes & App Store.

Change Country/Region on account Apple Store

Step 2: Click on your iCloud account and select “View Apple ID

Step 3: Select “Country/Region

Change Country/Region

Step 4: Select “Change Country or Region” then select the country you want to switch to. In the article, I will guide you to roaming through “Malaysia“. You can also transfer to other countries as you like. The steps do the same.

Step 5: Select “Agree“. Then is the step to enter personal information. In the payment card section, select “None” then fill in personal information like the image below we caption.

After completing all the fields, click “Next” and you have completed the steps of moving Country / Region for iOS devices.

Try and experience

Now try going to the App Store and search for “Spyjinx” and download it! unbelievably, it appeared before my eyes. After clicking download, the download speed is quite slow because you are roaming so the download speed cannot be faster. Please wait for it to download.


This an article that guides how to change the Country/Region on an iPhone device. And you? Try our roaming now to enjoy games that are not for your local area. Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!

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