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Mix anything – It’s Blend It 3D APK (Unlimited Money) game mechanism. What could be better than a hot summer with a cool smoothie? In the game, the player will act as the juice shop owner, grind anything that the customer requests.

Introducing Blend It 3D

Blend It 3D

Blend It 3D is a light entertainment game on mobile devices. Get the scenery on a beautiful beach in a city suburb. Where the boys often gather together to surf on the vast beach. After sweating games, people often come to your store. One of the most famous fruit juice shops in this resort. You will create new drinks by yourself, refreshing drinks in this hot summer. It can be said, Blend It 3D is a game with a simple but extremely successful game from the developer SayGames. Let’s see if this game has anything special!


You will be provided with a delicious smoothie machine. In your store, there are all sorts of ingredients for making drinks. Customers will be fastidious people offering a drink that they like. But if you accept, you’ll be the one to make the craft, so that the drink is exactly the same description as the passenger. There are enough ingredients for you to make a special drink. You just need to mix them together, in the correct order of production, take a few minutes to cook them deliciously.

Making drinks is simple, but you are also very careful. Just a little mistake, you can have an accident. The blender has very sharp blades, it can crush everything, including your hand. Be careful in processing, keep a safe distance from the blade. Avoid the bad situations that happen when you don’t pay attention to.

Create different drinks

Blend It 3D is a game that you can unleash your creativity. Guest’s taste is quite diverse. You will play a good boss, accept all the requirements that customers make. It is interesting to make a glass of carrot and chocolate juice. Drink into abdominal pain? Or even, there are guests who require a sandwich grinder with ice cream.

The tastes of customers are varied, the drinks you see will be entirely based on creativity. Once completed, you can get a good or bad review of this drink. Customers will pay based on whether or not the drink is suitable. This is probably the best light entertainment game I’ve ever seen.


Graphics in the game are set on a big beach. With the 3D design, Blend It 3D is a game with completely acceptable graphics. Blend It 3D is a really fun activity when you try to be a chef. Mix new ingredients to make the blender vibrate. It is also suitable for teaching children to do housework, to practice some things related to a blender.


If you’re a fan of light-hearted titles, you’ll definitely love Blend It 3D. Hot summer, playing games on the beach full of waves and wind will make your soul more relaxed. You can also try playing the Water Race 3D game. This is also a fun beach surfing game with exciting music.

MOD version

  • Unlimited money
  • Delete ads
  • Eliminated some errors

Ready to download Blend It 3D

Currently, the game is being released for free on the app store mobile. But the MOD version is only available on our website. Download Blend It 3D now to enjoy new drinks.

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