Auto Chess Mobile MOD APK v0.8.0 (Unlimited Money)

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  • Publisher Dragonnest
  • OS Android
  • Size 340MB
  • Version 0.8.0
  • MOD Features MOD Money, Unlock all characters
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Auto Chess Mobile – Over the past decade, we have been one of the leaders in the gaming market. Just mention the MOBA genre, this product is always sought and most trusted. Although there are juniors later, they also enjoy the popularity of millions of players around the world, but Dota retains its own status. One of the most exciting features of the Dota game is that the player can choose different play styles customized by the publisher into some small, independent game releases. “Dota Auto Chess” is a very famous game among the customized versions of the DotA game.

About Auto Chess Mobile

But recently a version combined with Dota 2, developed by Drodo Studio released in January 2019 named Auto Chess. The birth of Dota Auto Chess is creating a craze that is not small in the game world, the game uses many Dota 2 heroes and along with the effects, the skills that come with those heroes bring Give players a completely new and exciting experience.

Why is it called “Auto Chess”?

Many people who hear the name and look at the game interface will think this is a chess simulation game that uses the Dota generals as chess pieces. Doesn’t it look interesting? However, this is only true in terms of formality, because the content and the way to play Auto Chess are much more complex and “harmful to the brain”.

Drodo took advantage of the chess style of playing with graphics and hero characters in DotA to create a special chess version called Dota Auto Chess.


The game has elements derived from chess, along with elements from Dota 2. In addition to the extremely large character system, Auto Chess also has rotating gameplay. Each chess piece will have its own strength and class. At the beginning of each round, the enemy’s chess pieces will automatically fight. 8 players will split into pairs of competitions, and only if there is 1 winner at the end the new game is considered finished.

Players will also be confronted with creeps, which are non-player characters (NPCs) controlled by computers in a computer game such as MMORPG or MUD. Players can obtain items after killing the creeps and can give these items to their chess pieces. Each win, the player will receive money (Gold) to buy soldiers, can upgrade the strength of the soldiers (heroes) to increase strength.

Not only by a direct manual control on the touch screen, but Dota Auto Chess also allows players to free up when opening the autoplay mode. Just like playing chess, players will also have their own strategies. Individual tactics will help to defeat opponents quickly and unpredictably. Prepare a variety of different formations so you can easily confront tough opponents. Make sure your squad has two types of damage: AP and AD. Also, look for resilient characters to find insurance flags.

The ranks are also decided after the battle

The player’s experience determines the number of chess pieces available on the board. After the end of the game, the ranking of the early losers will decrease, and the rank of the players who lose late and the winner will increase. There are five levels in the game, including Queen, King, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn, while the Queen is the highest rank and Pawn is the basic rank … There are one to nine Step in the ranks of Pawn, Knight, Bishop, and Rook. Once the player reaches the highest step, their rankings will increase. King rank has only one step. When the player reaches the Queen rank, the global number rankings are available for the top ten thousand.

Main feature

  • Ranking: Like other MOBA games, Auto Chess Mobile also has a ranking system, you can join after reaching 5 normal battles. Your rank will start as “Pawn”
  • Friend: The current friend system has not been added so that players can easily find their friends, however, in the near future, this feature will be added. Players can create matches and invite their friends to join.
  • Equipment: Just like in Dota Auto Chess differs only in names and images. This may cause many DotA players to feel uncomfortable and the mechanism is that when the equipment drops out, you just need to press your finger on the equipment and then use your finger to drag and drop. to remove equipment from the general depot into the inventory of chess pieces.


One of my favourite points in the game Dota Auto Chess is the traditional graphics from Dota 2. Developed on 3D graphics. Dota Auto Chess gives players a chessboard with Hero characters in the Dota game 2. With sharp images, along with the fun of the characters in the game, the player will keep his eyes off the title. This MOBA game. You will be extremely pleased with this simple yet attractive graphics platform, besides the fascinating sound in the game.


I like this Auto Chess mobile APK game, it gives me quite a lot of fun. All that said, Dota Auto Chess is a fun, brain-tacking chess game. If I were you, I would immediately download and try it after reading this article. You can download the Auto Chess Mobile game to your computer via the appropriate link below (the mod will include mod full money, unlock all characters).


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