Green Farm 3 – Become a farmer

  • App Details
  • Publisher Gameloft
  • OS Android
  • Size 12MB
  • Version 4.3.4
  • MOD Features Unlimited money/coins
  • Get it on Google Play


By the time they get old, everyone wants to have some land to grow vegetables for fish farming. That’s why you need Green Farm 3. This will be a new land for you to build your farm as you like. Stay away from the city life, go to the countryside to farm with Green Farm 3 with a new atmosphere, easier control and rich storyline with new characters to meet and play with, This game offers many new ways to experience the joy of farming!

It’s still Gameloft, but it’s different from the action, role-playing games that it often produces, instead of an entertaining game. Very much like a happy farm game that I used to play before. But in Green Farm 3, brings more fresh updates for players. Through a number of tasks, bring your friends and neighbours closer together.

Become a farmer

When participating in Green Farm 3 you will become a real farmer who requires you to embark on building a farm on a mysterious land. It is a vast land with lots of vegetables, fruits and pets. You need to plant trees, raise animals and expand your territory. At the same time, you need to earn a lot of gold to build unique architecture.

Join Green Farm 3 to start your rural life in fairyland.


Like any other farm game, the game crop grows by the hour, you have to wait until the tree is mature or use fertilizer (can be purchased in stores) to grow faster. The operation of planting and harvesting in the game is extremely simple, just touch the empty land and sow seeds into it. The game has many different types of plants, each tree will have different harvest time and amount of money, EXP. Every time you reach a special level, you will have the opportunity to unlock new features. Can raise some new pets, get a pet.

Unlike some other farm games, Green Farm 3 money and gold are divided into two categories. Gold is used to buy basic items for farming, upgrade tools, houses, pets … Money is used to buy rare and high-quality products. Gold can be earned through daily quests, while money can only be obtained when dealing with other farmers or meeting certain tasks.

Besides farming, you need to use the money to upgrade production plants. Make your production work the fastest and most efficient. New updates from Gameloft will bring more interesting features that require you to use the money reasonably. So save a lot of money for every new opportunity that you can afford to buy. Or if you have conditions, use your own money to buy supplies.


Green Farm 3 is designed on a 2D graphics platform. However, it does not make you bored when playing. Because Green Farm 3 brings a lot of fresh colours. From vegetable gardens, trees are planted around your home, brown plots are waiting for you to discover. Along with that is the beast system in Green Farm 3 is also extremely diverse. Give you a feeling like a real farmer. Speaking of which, you probably want to try Green Farm 3 very much. And yet, the sound system in the game also gives you a sense of fun, background music along with the sound of the animals. Listen to it, how honest it is!


Undoubtedly, Green Farm 3 is a game that is worth to relax and has a large number of players. This is partly due to Gameloft’s reputation but mostly from the style of the game. Add sticking with your friends through social networks. If you want a gentle entertainment game, a passion for gardening, Green Farm 3 will suit you.

You can download the game to your phone via the link below. The game supports Android with the APK version of Mod money, coins and more. To play the game, you will need to have a phone running on Android 4.0.3 and above.

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